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Cars on Campus

No description

Daniel Yeh

on 26 September 2012

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Transcript of Cars on Campus

"How might RRU effectively reduce the amount of cars on campus to align with RRU's value to promote sustainability and accommodate the expected future growth rate?" Cars on Campus
Team 7 Alternatives Background/
Issues Buses are inconvenient and infrequent
Location of the campus
Current carpool program in place is ineffective Research Downtown to RRU 14 kms
YYJ to RRU 30 kms
Swartz Bay to RRU 35 kms
Bus: #52, 39
Lack of communication and awareness Mobile/internet application
Connecting drivers and passengers on one seamless program
Making carpooling efficient and available to everyone
Adding incentive and promoting carpool Largest car sharing company in the world
Implemented by multiple large universities
Using the latest technology 1. Free Parking 2. Carpool App 3. ZipCar Recommendation Ranked highest for reduction in cars and ease of implementation Problem Statement: Becky Paradis, Shantana Wood, Daniel Yeh, Saad Kadiri, Justen Lalonde Background/Issues Bus # 39 Schedule "FREE PARKING" "CARPOOL APP" Decision Criteria
Matrix "ZIPCAR" Alternatives Decision Criteria - Matrix Recommendation Implementation Implementation QUESTIONS? Summary THANK YOU FOR YOUR ATTENTION Summary Bus # 39 Route Car Reduction - Main Issue
Cost - No Budget
Ease of Implementation - Immediate Impact Connect learners and faculty
Drivers - Blue Pass
Passengers - Red Pass ($150 refundable deposit)
Existing program will cease to exist
Double occupancy
Single occupancy Encourages carpooling
Free for drivers
Environmentally friendly Getting people on board Pros: Cons: Seamless
Free to use
Community Impact Requires a smartphone
Does not ensure travel both ways
Requires tech update Pros Cons "FREE PARKING"
Pros/Cons "ZIPCAR"
Pros/Cons Cars located on campus
Low Cost
Environmentally friendly Network limitation
One way travel Pros Cons "In summary, our solution for RRU to effectively reduce the number of cars on campus is "FREE PARKING". It is easy and has a low cost associated with implementation. Moreover, it will cut down the amount of cars on campus by initiating a joint parking pass system for carpoolers. This solution is in alignment with RRU's value to promote sustainability and will accomodate the expected future growth rate of RRU." "FREE PARKING"
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