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The Evidence

No description

sarah philp

on 20 March 2017

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Transcript of The Evidence

Inspired & passionate teachers
Care about their students and their learning
Focus on cognitive skills
Focus on providing feedback
Seek feedback
Have a deep understanding of how we learn
Provide challenge and have high expectations
Manage the classroom so that learning is the key focus for the students not behaviour
Making Learning Visible
5 Strands

Visible learners
Know thy impact
Inspired & passionate teachers
Effective feedback
Visible learning schools
Visible learners
Assessment capable learners - the most important thing we can do.
Know about their learning & can plan their next steps
Active in their learning & have expectations
How asessment capable are our learners?
Can our pupils articulate what they are learning & how they will know when they have been successful?
How do we us assessments & result with pupils?


Language of learning
Solo taxonomy
Know thy impact
Most assessments can be used to calculate effect size
1 year - 0.4, 2 years - 0.8
At least 2 months to see change that can be measured by effect size

Impact of teaching
Effective feedback
Nuthall - "The Hidden Lives of Learners" - how do we ensure pupils give each other effective feedback?
Dylan Williams - it doubles the pace of learning - is it effective feedback?
Purpose = to close the gap
The Evidence
John Hattie
15 years of research
900+ meta analysis (ongoing)
250 million students
50,000 studies
150 effects
Hinge point remains at 0.4

Making learning visible & explicit to learners

How do we know we are prioritising the right things?
How are we making learning visible?
Where are we?
How do we know?
Focus groups
Classroom interviews
Video diaries
"It is a way of thinking. My role as a teacher is to evaluate the effect I have on my students. It is to 'know thy impact', it is to understand this impact, and it is to act on this knowing and understanding. This requires that teachers gather definsible and dependable evidence, thus making the effect of their teaching visible to themselves and others"
Hattie, 2012, pg19
Model of feedback
Self: praise

Task: new material
Process: some degree of proficiency
Self-regulation - high degree of proficiency
Feedback culture
Relational trust - do we have the culture?

relational trust survey
feedback survey
What is the quality of feedback our students receive?
Visible Schools
What sort of teachers do we have?
What questions do we ask in interviews?
What sort of conversations happen in our staffrooms?
School matrix

To what extent are you focused on the things that make the most difference?
Leaders as evaluators
of themselves
of their teachers' impact on outcomes
sharing valuing and acting on the evaluation
Instructional v Transformational
.42 .17
9 Mindframes (teachers & leaders)
I am an evaluator
I am a change agenct
I talk about learning not about teaching
I see assessment as feedback to me
I engage in dialogues not monologue
I enjoy the challenge
I develop positive relationships
I inform all about the language of learning
I see learning as hard work

These mindframes help the way we thinking about teaching and learning - teachers & leaders who develop these are more likely to have a significant effect on learning
Next steps
Improvement planning
Evidence base for all areas of work
Professional learning
Practitioner enquiry
Learning logs
Personal profiles
Target setting
Visit 1 / 3
Staff meetings
New school builds
Feedback survey
Share with leaders
Evidence Gathering
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