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Ashley's Portfolio

professional portfolio

Ashley Ryall

on 11 March 2013

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Transcript of Ashley's Portfolio

Ashley Ryall's Portfolio ...a collaboration of my recent marketing achievements and professional milestones. Goal: Plan Bullhorn's attendance
at largest annual staffing industry trade show.

Arranged prospect meetings and client dinner
Designed and edited trade show booth, marketing materials, and responsible for booth entertainment
Made travel arrangements for executive and sales teams
Maintained meeting schedule fluidity for two day conference Event Planner: Staffing World 2010 Goal: Position brand as industry expert through osmosis marketing. Author of John Leonard blog Goal: Poll Greater Boston businesses to identify growth anticipation and plans for hiring in the coming year. Business Climate Q4 & 2012 Survey Goal: Co-authored two-part interactive video blog post featured on Boston.com Global Business Hub about the innovation economy in Cambridge and why startup -like businesses choose specific
locale for unprecedented growth. Kendall Bump n' Grind Goal: Thank clients for their business in 2010
and confirm company excitement for the upcoming year.

Collaborated with social media manager to create concept map and write video script
Lead correspondent with video producing vendor to make all edits and finalize visuals
Co-managed social media outreach and email campaign Created Bullhorn's End of the Year Video Result: CEO complimented show: “The best show of the year.” Result: Video campaign totaled over 200 views within the first hour and 578 views within the first day. A Response to Staffing Agencies Critics (289 views)
The Best Way To Manage LinkedIn Endorsements Is...(197 shares)
Everything You Already Know About Video Interviewing (138 views) Result: View all blog posts: http://www.johnleonard.com/blog-with-us/ Goal: Fulfill alma mater's request to teach college students how to leverage social media, be effective job searchers and market themselves. Speaker: Job Searching Using Social Media Goal: Selected to speak on a timely and relevant topic, chosen by me, trending in recruiting industry: personal branding increases retention rates, builds strategic, long term partnerships, and helps to maintain online credibility. Speaker: 2012 Staffing World Conference Competing with Startups for Talent in 2012 Goal: Poll Greater Boston to better understand business awareness as it relates to competing for talent. (189 views) Result: Massachusetts startups are more aware of their startup competitors when it comes to attracting talent than established businesses are aware.
http://www.johnleonard.com/Startups_CompetitiveIntelligence/ Result: At the end of 2011, businesses were "cautiously optimistic" in their hiring plans for the upcoming year, with only 51% of surveyors planning to hire in 2012.

http://www.johnleonard.com/news/Q4-and-2012-survey/ Result: Part I: http://www.boston.com/business/blogs/global-business-hub/2012/05/feeling_the_ken.html Part II: http://www.boston.com/business/blogs/global-business-hub/2012/05/feeling_the_ken_1.html Result: More knowledgeable and confident college seniors; maintain partnership with Connecticut College Career Office of Life Enhancing Skills (CELS) for future workshops. Result: Audience, approximately 60 in attendance, asked engaging questions and conversation continued after presentation and panel discussion. Goal: create in-house annual award program recognizing one outstanding Temporary Staff Representative based on client feedback.

Brainstormed theme, wrote video script, recruited actors, filmed and edited
Designed landing page and call-to-action
Managed social media outreach and email campaign Video Campaign: Temporary of the Year award Result: Temporary of the Year campaign launched; first winner chosen November 2012. What Makes Me, Me Harpoon decorates Boys&Girls club, December 2012
Virginia Beach Half Marathon: September 2012
Lawyers Have Heart 5K, June 2012
Study Abroad: Sydney, Australia, February - August 2008
Hurricane Katrina Relief: Mississippi (2006) & Louisiana (2007)
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