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Copy of Explain Any Topic

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Shivangi Sharma

on 22 April 2016

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Transcript of Copy of Explain Any Topic

This is one of most accessed site for online engagemnet with your friends and family.
It was launched in February 4,2004 by Mark Zuckerberg and his roomates at Harvard University.
It was first only used b the Harvard students to interact with each other and later become a huge success.
According to the survey done the fourth quater of 2015, Facebook had 1.59 billion active users monthly! Its a huge number.
It is a professional networking website.
It was officially launched in May 5, 2003.
The main purpose of this site to help its users to connect with others on a professional level to establish and document networks of people they know and trust professionally.
It helps you to build a professional identity online, making you visible!
Other Social Media Sites/Applications.
We use different social media platforms for diffrent purposes. Few of the most commonly used Social Media platforms are:
This is one recently popularised social media sitei/app.
It is owned by Facebook.
It is more photo based rather then blogging based.
Its a medium to capture moments from the worlds and share it with friend and family.
You can use '#hashtags' to focus your audience.
It is one of the major media-making platform by users, i.e.you can create your own photos and videos and share it online.
According to a new report from CNBC , Instagram had 400 million monthly active users in the end of 2015.
Tinder is the one of the most used online dating application.
You can use this app by making a profile linked to your Facebook.
It allows you interact with people online you would like to date.
Online identity plays a major role here aswell.
For example:Sometimes,you maybe be interacting with someone 25 years of age , but in reality that person maybe 40 with 2 kids!
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