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Shayna Farris

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of ecosystems

Tundra It is not easy to
survive in very cold
places of the world The soil is frozen and
no trees can grow only
plants and animals that
are adapted to the cold
live there. There is small parts of
the tundra that is in
antartica that are not
covered in ice it is
called the artic tundra Tundra is found at
mountians at high
altitudes and is called
alpline tundra. Taiga the tiaga biome
is full of evergreen
forests.These forests
are often called the
Boreal forests. you can find the taiga
forests just south of
the tundra in europe,
asia and north america

it is very cold in the
winter in the taiga
and a bit warmer in
the summer,during
the summer days are
long ice thaws snow
melts and it is often
rainy Trees grow close
together it protects
them from the cold
and wind. temperate forest temperate forests
are found all over
the world,but the
are not all the same.
temperate forest are
different from the
tropical rainforest .
Rain forests are in
areas were it is warm
all year long.
temperste forests exist
in areas with moderate
amount of persipitation a deciduous tree is
a tree that looses its
leaves in autum
desert desert biomes are
found throughout
the earth due to there being
fewer resources
avaliable,there are
generally smaller
consitration of lifeforms
in the desert than in other
biomes. these dry locations
have specialized
plants and animals that have adapted
to surviving on little
water some plants and animals can store water within there bodies producers
consumers decomposers
a decomposer is a
organism that breaks
down the tissue of a
dead organism.

a producer is a
orgenism that
can make its
own food through
the process of
photosynsythesis a consumer is an
organism or organic
matter that cannot
make its own food.
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