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Does Aspirin keep cut roses fresh longer?

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Ashley Vazquez

on 22 October 2013

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Transcript of Does Aspirin keep cut roses fresh longer?

Does aspirin keep cut roses fresh longer?
Does Aspirin keep cut roses fresh longer?
-How do cut roses stay fresh longer?

-Will aspirin keep the roses fresh?


-What will we need?
- I think the aspirin will keep cut roses fresh longer


- In order to make it work we clearly need water!
- 1000 Roses with long stemS
- 500 Vases
- 1 Aspirin pill (per vase for 500 roses only)
- Water
1) Crush the aspirin tablet

2) Fill the 250 vases with water

3) Add the aspirin tablet to those 250 vases

4) Blend the aspirin into the water

5) Then put 2 roses in each of those vases
For the Other Roses
Then put the other 500 roses in the vases...
- Just fill the other 250 vases with water
-The vases with the aspirin made the roses last longer! The plain water did not help to preserve the other roses. The roses in the water (without aspirin) lasted only 5-6.5 days while the roses in the water (with the aspirin) lasted 7-8.5 days.

-So i guess it would have the
same effect if it was out of
the water, but roughly about the
same amount of days. I would say about 4-5 days if the roses went without water.
The 500 roses with the aspirin lasted longer than the rose with just the water. My hypothesis was correct!
Made by : Ashley
& Annette
Period 4

- www.madehow.com/Volume-1/Aspirin.html

- www.rd.com/home/decorating/8-ways-to-make-flowers-last-longer/


- www.realsimple.com/home-organizing/gardening/flowers/keep-cut-flowers-fresh-10000001054327/index.html

Constant Independent Dependent
- Water - Aspirin - Roses
- Vase
- Roses
With Aspirin
Without Aspirin
- Day 1: The Apirin tablet is put in the water, and now ready for observation

Day 4: The stem is still up, and the roses are still healthy.

Day 7: A few rose petals gone from some of the others, but the rose still has life in it.

In the End: It worked well with the apirin, but some of the petals do drop after Day 4.
-Day 1: The roses are put into the vase, and now redy for observation

Day 4: The most of the roses are already Drooping, I don't think they will last any longer.

Day 7: Looks like i was right More than half of the petals in most of the roses have alredy fallen off.

The verdict: The roses looks destroyed...
With Aspirin
Without Aspirin
Background research
1) What kind of other products can be used to keep cut flowers fresh?
- Some ingredients are Bleach, Coins, Hair Spray, Soda, Sugar, Apple CIder Vinegar, Vodka, & Aspirin

2) What are the ingredients in an Aspirin pill.
-Acetylsalicylic acid (It's the active ingredient), corn starch, water, and a lubricant.

3) What happens if the rose is treated with aspirin too frequently?
- The rose can't grow anymore if treated with aspirin frequently.

4) What's the process to make the pill?
- It goes in this order: Weighing, mixing, dry screening (keeps from sticking), compressing.

5) What happens to roses similar to this expirement?
- The result is that there were many dead roses, although they used other substances instead
of just aspirin tablets.

6) What is in an aspirin tablet that keeps cut roses fresh longer.
- It is the Sulfer and many other elements that keep the water clean and free of bacteria that can harm the roses.

Trials 1 Trial 2 AND Trial 3
(Days the Roses lived)
One Rose from a vase
The total cost of this experiment
was $2,600
Other Background
-There were similar experiments to this is project.But instead of just using an aspirin tablet they added other substances such as bleach, pennies, Clorox, etc. The result was many dead roses. But there is a gardening program that supports putting aspirin tablets in the water of the flowers
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