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Time & Motion

Final major project

Natalie Collier

on 10 June 2010

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Transcript of Time & Motion

Time & Motion Final Major Project Artist Research Giacomo Balla Francis Picabia Umberto Boccioni What I'm doing... Brief In this project, Time & Motion, I will be focusing on the theme of Ageing. I will be taking a look at different stages in a person's life and seeing how things change, such as the skin and how people get wrinkles over time. I will also be looking at how our modern world encourages us to prevent the signs of ageing with plastic surgery. Textiles 3D I did this design in 3D design, using steel rods and bending them round a taper, and then I spot welded them together. I got the idea from the wrinkles along the side of the eye. I created this piece using steel rod. I made a circular design using about ten or more of these shapes. I then took two pieces of the design off and wrapped a thinner wire around the middle of it to create the look of wrinkles, and not wrapping any around the other to show young flawless skin. I designed this piece in textiles, there is a picture in my sketchbook
of three faces in a row like this, and i decided to trace the outline of all three faces and make them big enough to cut the designs out of material. I cut them out of white material and then sewed them onto a black piece of material. I was experimenting on what to do for my final piece and this was one of the ideas.
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