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deniz d

on 5 January 2013

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Transcript of Marketing

Designing & Managing
Integrated Marketing
Communications The Question is... NOT whether to communicate BUT RATHER What to say
How and when to say it
To whom
How often ? The Role of Marketing Communications Reintroduce The Cranberry to America

Through a true 360 degree campaign

The campaign hit the market! Cranberry The means by which firms attempt to INFORM, PERSUADE, REMIND consumers about the products and brand they sell. Also work for consumers when they show
HOW and WHY a product is used by
WHOM, WHERE and WHEN The Changing Marketing Communications Enviroment The rapid diffusion of multipurpose smart phones, broadband and wireless Internet connections
In 1960 80 % of U.S women with one sec. Commercial only on 3 TV channels
Today more than 100 channels
Consumers not only have more choices of media, they can also decide how they want to recieve commercial content Ads Are Appearing Everywhere... Consider What Motorola Did! Marketing Communications Brand Equity and Sales Advertising is often a central element yet not the only one

Firms tend to cut the percentage of their marketing budget spent on TV

To invest more heavily in Internet
and experiental marketing GAP's 40th Anniversary acebook page
Online fashion shows on a virtual catwalk
Stylemixer Iphone app Marketing Communication Mix AdvertisingSales
PromotionEvents and Experiences
Public Relations and Publicity
Direct Marketing
Word-of-Mouth Marketing
Personal Selling Common Communication Platforms Marketing Communication Effects
The way brand associations are formed

Marketing communication activities
must be integrated to deliver a consistent message

To implement the right communicaitons, marketers need to assess which experiences and impressions will have the most influence at each stage of the buying process In building brand equity, marketers should be “media neutral”

A well-read blog, popular Facebook page and other social media

Philips took another tack in launching a new product The Communication Process Models Two models are useful:
micromodel Macromodel of the Communication Process Micromodel of Consumer Responses Learn-feel-do
Learn-do-feel The Ideal Ad Campaign... Right customer
Right message
Right place
Right time The Ideal Ad Campaign... Developing Effective Communications Eight steps of effective communications; 1. Identify the Target Audience
2. Determine the Communications
3. Design Communications
4. Select Channels
5. Establish Budget
6. Decides on Media Mix
7. Measure Results
8. Manage Integrated Marketing Communications Identify the Target Audience Target is a critical influence on the communicators' decisions about;

What to say?
How to say?
When and where to say?
To whom ? Determine the Communications Objectives What is the hierarchy - of - Effects Model ? Four possible objectives for John Rossiter & Larry Percy
1. Category Need
2. Brand Awereness
3. Brand Attitude
4. Brand Purchase Intention Formulating communications to solve three problems;
- Message Strategy [What to say ?]
- Creative Strategy [How to say it?]
- Message Source [Who should say it?] Desing the Communications Message Strategy Appeals, themes or ideas for brand positioning and establishing
point - of - parity or point - of - differences... What to say? - Rational
- Social
- Sensory
- Ego satisfaction Four Types of reward; Creative Strategies How to say it?
How a message is being expressed ? the way marketers translate their messages into a specific communication. Creative strategies; - Information Appeals
- Transformational Appeals
Is logice and reason rules
Elaborates on product or service attributes or benefits Informational Appeals Elaborates on a nonproduct - retaled benefit or image
Attempt to stir up emotions
- Negative emotional appeals (Fear, guilt,shame...)
- Positive emotional appeals (Humor,love,pride...) Transformation Appeals Message Source - Delivering messages by attractive or popular sources
- Advertising celebrities who are credible and a key for product
- Glamour
- Persiosiveness
- Trustworthiness
- Likability
- Expertise Who should say it? The principle of congruity; good images to hide negative feelings Personal Communication Channels - Face-to-Face, Person-to-Audience;
sharing individualized presentations, feedbacks
- Direct and interactive marketing
- Worth - of - mouth marketing
- Personel selling
- Advocate channels
- Expert channels
- Social channels Nonpersonal (Mass) Communication Channels - Reaching to crowd of people
- Advertising
- Sales promotions, events, experiences
- Public relations
***Benefit of Sponsoreships to mass channels... Integration of Communications channels Personal and nonpersonal communication;
- Mass media simulates personal communication
- Two - step communication
Not direct, powerful and automatic as supposed
Interaction within own social group
Suggests direct messages carried one to another - Ignores the role of portion
- Uncertain annual budget
- Difficult long-range planning Affordable Method - Set a specified percentage according to current or anticipated sales
- Budget a fixed percentage based on planed prices Percentage - of - Sales Method What are its advantages? Justify it !!! Competitive Parity Method - Set budget to achieve share-of-voice parity with competitors
- Collective wisdom of the industry
- Preventing communication wars

Are competitors better? - Determining specific objectives
- Determining the tasks to achieve objectives
- Estimating the cost of performing

What objectives might be? Objective - and - Task Method How much weight marketing communications should receive in relationships to alternatives ?
- Where the campanies' products are?
- How much do channels be supported?
- Hard to reach the customers?
- Complex customer desion marketing? Communication Budget Trade - offs Major Modes of Communication Mix Advertising
Sales Promotion
Event and Experiences
Public Relations and Publicity
Direct Marketing
Word-of-Mouth Marketing
Personal Selling Reaches geographically dispersed buyers
Long term image
Triggers quick sales Few observations are worthwhile: Pervasiveness
Amplified expressiveness
Control Advertising Sales Promotion Tools like coupons,contests,premiums...
Stronger and quicker buyer response with short run effects Offers three benefits: Ability to be attention-getting
Invitation To challange consumer's misconceptions Based on three qualities: High credibility
Ability to reach hard to find buyers
Dramatization Public Relations & Publicity Events & Experiences Have the following characteristics:

Implicit Over the phone,online,or in person

Share three characteristics:
Interactive Direct & Interactive Marketing Many forms both online or offline Three characteristics are: Influential
Timely Word-of-Mouth Marketing Most effective tool at later stages of the buying process

Building up buyer preference,conviction and action Has three qualities: Personal Interaction
Response Personal Selling Factors in Setting The Marketing Communication Mix Type of product market
Consumer readiness to make a purchase
Stage in the product life cycle Business Marketers tend to spend
comperatively more on personal selling

Consumer Marketers tend to spend
comperatively more on sales promotion and advertising Type of Product Market Advertising's Role in Business Markets An introduction to the company and its products
Explains product's new features
More economical than sales calls
An effective way to generate leads for sales representatives
Legitimizes company and its products
Informs about how to use and reassures about the purchase The Best is “Corporate Marketing” Advertising combined with personal selling Personal Selling's Role in Consumer Markets Weekly orders from dealers
Sufficient stock is on the shelf Four important contributions: Increase stock position
Build enthusiasm
Conduct missionary selling
Manage key accounts Buyer – Readiness Stage Cost Effectiveness of Three Different Communication Tools at Different Buyer Stage Measuring Communication Results Outcomes and revenues resulting from the communications Managing The Integrated Marketing Communications “360 degree view” “IMC” “a planing process designed to assure that all brand contents received by a costumer or prospect for a product, service or organization are relevant to that person and consistent over time.” Implementing IMC How Integrated is Your IMC Program? Corporate Marketing improves;
Company's reputation
The sales force's chance of first hearing and early adoption
of the product
IBM.. Coordinating Media Marketers should combine channels through
multiple-stage campaigns Promotions combined with advertising...

Coordinating online and offline communications:
Web adresses in ads and on packages... Communication companies:
Promotion agencies
Public relations firms
Package-design consultancies
Web site developers
Direct-mail houses... Result is: "Integrated and more effective marketing
communications at a lower cost..." Coverage
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