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Livin like italians with a new business twist to the country.

Darla margavich

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of Italy

Livin like Italians
Italy Geography Very Historacal
Border counties are
All of these counties are known as
the alpine boundarys
Italy is an enclave which is known as a
country or part of a country lying wholly
within the boundaries of another.
(for example the vatican city in Rome
,and the san Marino city)
Italy is famously known for it's vineyards
and the very old historacal buildings. The italian Culture They shape the modern world through
art and fashion
Pop culture, big into sports and music
Soccer is number one sport
basketball is second
Art is major in Italy
Faith in the family is very important
they are always cutting edge
Reniassance is the main theme of Italy
very well known for keeping the past
through art The Italian Government and Political aspects President elected to 7yr term
serves like a dictator
Must be 50yrs old
elected by the House of Parliament
if President dies then there is a new election
if President is sick the President of the Senate
takes over
House of Parliament is made of Deputies and Senate
there are 630 members ,lected by 27 voting districts
they serve a 5 year tearm
both President and Members are Members for life
The Prime Minister is the most important
is like vice president
hand picked by President
who picks members of cabinet
there view is a new political life
to address big issues
they are currently going through a recession The Italian Economy Just like us theyre in a recession
agricultural based
5th largest industrial economy in the world
belongs to group 8 of the industrialized nations
Member to European Union
and the OECD or organization for Economic Cooperation
and development
80% of resources are imported
no substancial natural resources like iron, coal and oil
goods are fashion, clothing, vehicles and chemicals Suggested Marketing Plan Set up in Rome
major theme of consurn is the Reniassance
Appeal to the constant changing fashion
Recognize and beat the competition
make sure enough money is transformed into
Conclusion Our art cafe will be successful
because of our exotic coffee bringing a new twist to the culture of Italy
the new culture of art introduced and the original art
the scene and entertainment provided
tv, fireplace, internet, menu
the great taste of Americanized Italian food
and the diversity of foods provided Employees need to know know a great deal about Italy
know about the art and the history
know what the sistine chapel is
know what the Renissance is
Know all the different important Italian foods
or most popular foods.
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