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Symbolism in Literature

No description

Reem Elramly

on 27 February 2015

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Transcript of Symbolism in Literature

What is a "symbol"?
Symbols Can Be...
[e.g. flags]

Religious [e.g. Cross, star of David, Buddha, crescent]

Cultural [hearts, hieroglyphs]
How Can we find Symbols and interpret them?
Why is symbolism important?
Why use symbolism?
By Ms. Elle
Symbolism in Literature
A symbol is a person, place, action, or object that stands for something beyond itself
Symbols can represent: Beliefs, values, qualities, or attitudes
Symbolism allows people to communicate beyond the limits of language.
Helps us see the deeper meaning of the text (clues left by the author)

Help determine the theme
By understanding symbolism:
*Symbols can be understood universally but can also be interpreted differently by each individual
Look for the symbol that reappears over and over again

Look for the symbol that is discussed in detail (the author brings your attention to it, even if it seems insignificant.) e.g. a description of the setting

Look for the symbol in the title
How to Interpret the symbol:
1. Consider the qualities of the object being symbolized

2. Apply those qualities to the context in which they're being used

3. Consider how this symbol illuminates the theme
How to find the symbol:
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