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New Harvest Dairy Project

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New Harvest

on 19 April 2014

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Transcript of New Harvest Dairy Project

New Harvest Dairy Project:
Building a Better Milk

Aerial Photo of Cattle Feedlot and Manure Lagoon - Tacosa, TX
Amazon rainforest cleared for corn crops
Purple represents crops for livestock, green is crops for food
A Better Milk
Produce Functional Dairy Components

Gelation properties
Stretchiness and meltiness
*not the real plasmid we intend to build
Human and bovine:
Whey Proteins
...a better future
The old-fashioned past...
S. cerevisiae
The Outdated Past
The Sustainable Future
Cell cultured leather & meat
Egg alternatives
Meat alternatives
Animal product alternative non-profit
The best "plasmaid"
Press Play
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