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External & Internal Analysis

David Arnold

on 14 June 2010

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Transcript of Disney

The Walt Disney Company Overview: Products Offered: theme parks
filmed entertainment
merchandise licensing Major Rivals: Also on the List... (Studio Entertainment/Media Networks) (Parks and Resorts) Note: We focused our attention on the theme parks & Studio entertainment/media networks portions of Disney. Disney's Businesses: Dolla, Dolla, Disney... Value adding activities: Primary

Inbound logistics
-Distribution Facilities and Warehouses
-Walt Disney Studios features Business Street
-Prospect Studios
-Golden Oak Ranch

Outbound logistics
- Track and Trace

- Focus on community service
- Healthy Foods
- Social Media

Customer Service and Training Questions? Wrap Up: Interactive Media
Hong Kong
Easy as 1, 2, 3.. 2nd Issue- Rationale
Disney continues to take a loss at the Hong Kong Resort

Action Plan Recommended – Set deadline for resort to receive profit.
1.Hong Kong Disney has taken a revenue loss every year it has been open.
a.Last year they took a loss of $169.4 million

2.Disney is opening a resort in Shanghai, China, due for 2014 (although may not open until 2015/16).
a.This is speculated to be much more promising overall.
i.No visa or special permission needed to get to Shanghai vs. Hong Kong
ii.A lot of accessibility – deep water port, a new airport, a high speed train connecting Shanghai and the airport
iii.Great amount of tourism – much of which are now Chinese
iv.More affluence – economic success of China bringing many to the middle class

3. Competition from Shanghai could cause further losses to Hong Kong Disney. **HK Disney scheduled for a $468m expansion by 2014 in order to compete with Shanghai.

4. Solution = give HK Disney 10 years to turn a profit. I
*If they do not turn a profit in that time, we would suggest that they close down the Hong Kong Park to prevent further loss.
1st Issue-Rationale
Disney has not realized the potential of expanding into Interactive Media market.

1.Interactive Media revenues dropped by 1% (EA increased by 15%, Activision increased by 41%)

2.Disney $712 million vs EA Inc. $4 212 million vs Activision $4 279 million

3.“revenues growing from $46.5 billion in 2009 to $64.9 billion by the end of 2013”

4.Max 4 years ! – i.e. 2005 Activision : $780 million, today: $ 4 279 million
Research network + Pixar
Technology Development
-Global Research & Development Labs
-Disney Research

Human Resource Management
-Emphasis on employee (cast members) training (Disney University)
**New Hire Orientation, Disney Dimensions, Disney Way I, Traditions 101**

-Strategic sourcing
-70,000 “high-level active suppliers”
-Minority and Women Business Enterprises
-Suppliers Diversity Approach

3rd Issue/rationale
Disney doesn’t offer a variety of diverse films and content

Action Plan Recommended- Increase diversity in animated films
1.Strategic Objective- Provide more diverse films, and characters to meet un or under-met needs of the diverse population.

2.Plan details, time frame
a.Disney feels it is already producing high quality content that meets diverse needs
b.We feel Disney should hire employees that could accurately reflect the opinions and ideas of different cultures.
* (There is too much negative feedback of feeding gender roles and racial stereotypes)
c.Disney should also focus on integration of characters that offer diversity, as opposed to films with diverse focus only. Ex. Princess and the frog
d.The time frame in which this could occur would be now.
i.This wouldn’t not be a costly plan, but rather an evaluation and adjustment

3.Impact on Revenue
a.Princess and the Frog & UP= (266,475,899 + 731,338,164)

4.Impact on Costs
a.Incurred costs would be from potentially failed productions

2009 - 2008 - 2007 - 2006 - 2005

Net Inc.
3,307 4,427 4,674 3,374 2,569

Oper. Inc.
7,328 8,986 8,272 6,914 5,446

36,149 - 37,843 - 35,510 - 34,285 - 31,944

* In (Million $).
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