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Community Assessment

No description

Jen Sirois

on 15 October 2014

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Transcript of Community Assessment

Community Assessment
Lynn, MA

Lynn, MA.
Lynn Today
Community Assessment
Named for the first official minister, Samuel Whiting, from King's Lynn England, in 1637.
People were mostly agricultural, but were skilled in making leather shoes.
A Quaker named Ebineezer Breed persuaded other Europeans to settle in Lynn to make the town an important shoe center of the new world.
Lynn became a city in 1850, as the population exploded.
The Lynn based Thomson-Houston Electric Company merged with Edison General Electric Company to form the General Electric Company.
1629: first Tannery in US began operations in Lynn.

1847: Astronomer Maria Mitchell - first woman inducted into the Academy of Arts and Sciences.
Lydia Pinkham
1888 - First Electric Trolley in the state ran from Lynn
1912 - First Airmail Delivery in New England flew from Saugus to Lynn
1942 - First Jet Airplane Engine in U.S. built at Lynn's General Electric plant.
Teen Pregnancy Resources
Land size: 10.47 square miles
Total Area: 13.50 square miles
Population: 91,253
Population Density: 8,414 /sq mile
Lynn Beach -
Red Rock Park
Lynn MeatLand
Burned Out Burger King
Local Market
"City of Firsts"
Lynn Beach

Parks and Recreation
Methadone clinic
Lynn Recycles
The "GE"
1875: Lydia Pinkham was the first woman to use her image to sell a product -Lydia Pinkham Vegetable Compound.
Public Schools
Lynn Police Department
The Lynn Police Department is comprised of 177 full-time police officers, ranging in rank from Chief-of-Police to Patrol Officer.
Mi Vida Mi Viaje - Girls Inc. Lynn MA.
Program for girls who have brothers or sisters that are parents.
Program is free and encourages siblings to make their own life decisions.
Asset Building Groups for Girls - Family and Children's Service of Greater Lynn, Inc.
Offers program free to all girls in 5th grade. This program empowers girls to make positive life choices.
Lynn Community Health Center
Lynn Community Health Center
offers a
Teen Health Clinic and Confidential Free Care
Catholic Charities
This program provides weekly home visits, parenting classes, budget assistance and support to parents and their children.
Joi Day Care - Provides Teen Parent Program. Offers free day care to teen parents who don't qualify for a voucher through transitional assistance so they can return to high school.
Teen parents are required to meet twice a week after school for group. In group teen mothers develop life skills, go to My Brother's Table and perform community service, learn about birth control options and offer support to each other.
Other resources:
home tutor
transitional assistance - if your household meets income requirements
Windshield Survey
Areas where Lynn is at risk:
Lynn City Hall
Manning Field
Areas of strength in the Lynn:
Elder Services
Resources for Teen Parents
Drop out rate
Teen pregnancy
Unemployment Office
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