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Continental Drift

No description

Brendan Yu

on 27 January 2013

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Transcript of Continental Drift

Here's a cool video !! EARTH TODAY SOUTH AMERICA AFRICA NORTH AMERICA ASIA AFRICA SOUTH AMERICA EUROPE ANTARCTICA Wegener's theory of Continental Drift Subduction zone Wegener's theory is that all of the continents used to be connected.
He called this one land mass Pangaea. Despite his proof such as the fact that there were matching mountain ranges and fossils in different Continents, Wegener's theory was rejected by other scientists because of the unknown force of continental drift. EARTH ABOUT 50 MILLION YEARS AGO EARTH ABOUT 150 YEARS AGO EARTH ABOUT 120 YEARS AGO THIS IS EARTH ABOUT 120 YEARS AGO DURING THE CRETACEOUS ERA. THIS IS EARTH ABOUT 150 YEARS AGO DURING THE JURASSIC ERA. GREENLAND CONTINENTAL DRIFT! ROBERT DIETZ Robert Dietz found the first fracture in the Pacific Ocean floor. This discovery helped prove Wegener's theory or continental drift When the far edge of a lithospheric plate is older than
the mid-ocean ridge that made it, the far edge cools and increases in density. After a long amount of time the plate may sink under another lithospheric plate and enter the lower mantle. This is called subduction. SEA FLOOR SPREADING Bye bro D: Glomar Challenger The Glomar challenger was a research vessel that cored rock in the Atlantic, Pacific, And Indian oceans as well as the Mediterranean and Red seas. The vessels greatest achievement was finding salt domes with oil under them which proved Wegener's theory of continental drift. THIS IS EARTH ABOUT 50 YEARS AGO DURING THE EOCENE ERA. THIS IS EARTH TODAY!!! IN TODAYS TIME !!! Thanks for watching this prezi!! Made by: Brendan Yu, Andrew morris,
and Sachin Wadhwa!
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