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steffi knaak

on 23 September 2011

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Transcript of TWILIGHT ZONE

The Twilight Zone It ranges from 200
to 1,000 meters
below the surface. Temperatures about 5º Centigrade
(41º F).
The animals that live in here are adapted to life in near darkness, cold water and high pressure. Many of the animals in this zone have large eyes helping them see in the nearly dark waters. Most are small dark and thin to help camouflage them. Many have large teeth and jaws. Fish living in the twilight zone often have rows of light organs on their inside to camouflage them. This barely-lit ocean layer is called the twilight zone or the disphotic (means "poorly lit" in Greek) zone or the mesopelagic (middle sea) zone. Oceans are home of the most diverse life on earth. Oceanographers divide the ocean into zones according to how far down sunlight penetrates. http://www.coml.org/video-gallery
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