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Barbie as a fashion icon


naomi temull

on 29 November 2009

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Transcript of Barbie as a fashion icon

Barbie as a fashion icon Barbie, as a person, an icon is probably well know to most of us, a child hood friend, our first idol or maybe just a stupid doll to past the time, However, when we've past the phase of wearing pigtails, eating bangers and mash nightly and planning her wedding how many of us thought that soon enough Barbie would be the friend you dropped in year 8 years ago only to bump into again and find that she'd grown into a massive social butterfly? Well, thats what she has done, she shed her childish conitations
and morphed so well she attracted a range of designers anyone would
love to own a piece of but not just that she also invited them to her 50th.
(and yes, they turned up. All of them) In total 50 designers including Alexander Mcqueen, Vera wang and ___
attended her birthday bashes bringing with them full wagon collections
inspired by and made for barbie. Armys of models were barbie-fied and hundreds of dolls were fashionised. Its not only designers that have been netted by barbie, and nor
has she been a quick and fleeting celebrity as months after her
celebration the website repotrs the DaVID dIXON IS Desiging after
her, there have been recent art exhibitions throughout europe
most recently in barcelona. But if the fashion and art world wernt enough, the design world became enthrawled with her too, interior
designers taking the barbie bedroom/mansion/student digs to a whole new level, also the techniqule world behind fashion jumped in
creating a hair-dryer that has been used at every barbie fashion show
so far.
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