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Konica Minolta New Employee Training Program

No description

Holmes Truong

on 5 August 2014

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Transcript of Konica Minolta New Employee Training Program

Konica Minolta Corporation
KM Policy
Business skills
Teamwork skills
How to make business call
ABAP Programming Language
SAP - Eleaning Course
Work schedule
1- April 1st: Tokyo skytree
Became Konica Minolta New employee
2- April (2-22): Hino Site
Visit Lens-Manufactory - Yamanashi-ken
3- April (23-30): Marunouchi Site
Overview knowledge about:
ISMS Security
IT mid-term plan
Business intelligence system
APAC-1 project
Common communication platform inner KM environment

4- May-July: Tachikawa - HJS company
SENJU Program
Demae Class - KM new employee training course
Advisors: Murakami-san, Ooyo-san, Okada-san
 Introduction about ABAP and SAP in Business environment.
 Function modules, reserved words, HJS style code…
 Practice 1: Sales order report program
 Testing plan and evidence
 Practice 2: Read the file from Local & Server and do Batch Process by transaction code ME21, display result after process is done.
 Practice 3: Read the file from Local & Server and do BAPI process by transaction code ME21, display result after process is done.
Honestly, my training program is delayed by 3 weeks because of some reasons:
Misunderstanding between Murakami-san and me. We didn’t make sense the ideas, requirements or opinion of each other.
HJS Coding Rule.
All the documents I have from HJS are totally in Japanese. As for me, it’s quite difficult to deep understand. That’s also my limitation.
New function in my program which is not related to Murakami-san’s requirement.
When I got practices/ projects from Murakami-san, I tried to prepare pseudocode (Program design, Logical process…) before coding, and tried to code program by many different methods with some of new functions. I suggested some of new ideas for each problem I got.
As a result, Murakami-san could not catch up and could not evaluate my methodology and my program. That’s the reason why my ABAP schedule was delayed by 3 weeks in comparison with the first schedule.

However, I had already finished 3 practices at once! (on time).
Mr. Ikeno registered the e-learning course from SAP Japan system for me. The available period of learning Hub is during from 2014/05/09 to 2015/05/09.
According to requirements from our division, I have already selected some of e-learning courses from SAP website under the implementation direction of Mr. Ikeno’s plan.
ABAP for business
Sales and Distribution
Master Data Management
SAP- Supply Chain Management
Advisors: Yatsuda-san and Okada-san
July 22, 2014.
 What is SENJU and how to work with SENJU Offliser, SENJU browser
 How to create new work/business calendar
 How to use SENJU to control the work operating system automatically.
 Review knowledge about electronics devices
 Introduction of KM products
 Teamwork skills
 Education and Presentation skills

Time: April 1st 2014 – April 1st 2015
Japanese life
Experience a foreign culture
Improve my second language skills - Japanese
Chance to work and communicate across culture
Egalitarian workspace layout
Are serious about training their people
 For example, KMI in general and HJS in particular, every letter, every notification is in Japanese. It’s quite to make sense clearly for me. In some cases, I don’t know exactly what you mean…
 Al the documents related to my work area are in Japanese only, so, I still cannot know what those are and what I should do now…
Japanese food
The difference between Japanese culture and Vietnamese culture leading to the difference between Japanese food style and Vietnamese one. As you know, up to now I still in slow acceleration to adjust oneself to new surroundings.
Future work
First and foremost, I would like to say “Thank you so much” which is dedicated to Konica Minolta President, Human Resource and other KM members, who have given me a chance to come here and a chance to become a new Konica Minolta member, and also all of their support on all fronts. Without their selection and encouragement, I would not have reached this far.
I wish to express my special thanks to my supervisor
Mr. Takuya Ikeno
for his guidance and supervision. This work would not have been completed without his care and dedication in constructively criticizing my work. I also want to express my sincere thanks to him for his constructive ideas and suggestions which manifests it-self throughout my work and specially, express my gratitude to him for his help about a lot of thing surrounding my life in Japan. I have truly enjoyed from working with him.
I also wish to express my sincere thanks to my teachers, Mr. Murakami and Ms. Ooyo, Ms. Okada, and Mr. Baba, Mr. Suzuishi, Mr. Fuji, Mr. Hiroshi Yamano and all members in HJS Company, for their support. I wish to thank helpful and friendly teammates, my friends, my colleagues and my predecessors at the HJS, KMI and our company, etc,…, for giving me valuable advices during the time I worked on.

Thank you very much for your coming and your attention!
Konica Minolta Corporation
Corporate IT Planning Division
Information System

Giving shape to idea
KM New Employee Training Program
Truong Quang Doan
Mentor: Mr. Takuya Ikeno
Giving Shape to Ideas
SAP E-learning course
KMI training program
Join in AMO group - APAC-1 project
Full transcript