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Microsoft Search Strategy

Team Case analysis presentation

Madhu Madhusudhanan

on 30 April 2014

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Transcript of Microsoft Search Strategy

Offensive Weaknesses and Strengths
Low High

Defensive Weaknesses and Strengths
Low High

Growth of Internet
Explosion of Data
Search is becoming complex
Need for constant innovation
Organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.
Role of Microsoft
Large enterprise data growth
Microsoft Products are contributing
significantly to the growth
Word, Powerpoint, Excel
Local Windows data
SQl and other MS technologies
Other MS office documents (Viso, Etc)
Verb for Search
Leaders in Innovation
Same market cap as Microsoft
Going after a Giant
Google plus against Facebook
Apple's keynote, pages against MS Office
Aperture, Picasa against Adobe Photoshop
Having quality product
with great features is not enough
Two scenarios to gain market share for Microsoft
Poor performance from Competitor
As in case of Yahoo in 2013
Unlikely to expect this from Google
Create a New Value Curve
Strategy to create a new value curve
Enterprise Search
Educate users at work
Improve Traffic to gain traction
New Value curve
Four Action Method
Aggressive advertisement
Stop Rewards program
Association with old fashioned toolbar
Shows desperation
PR Campaigns
Showing product features
Search is fundamentally different
Enterprise Search
Public search engines cannot
be used for enterprise
Fill the gap - Enterprise search
Custom MS search Enterprise
Enterprise content search for employees
Documents (word,ppt etc)
ERP Systems
Other portals
Re-imagine enterprise algorithm
Less focus on Spam and phishing sites
Focus on
Sustainable competitive advantage by keeping up with innovation in Public domain, and gaining market share through enterprise users
Users experience varies
Purple Dynomites
Thea Copeland
Mark Hassin
Karim Khalil
Kailash Kothari
Subramoni Parameswaran
Madhu Madhusudhanan
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