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L'oreal Brandstorm.

A pair of three.

naiara larrañaga gomez

on 9 January 2013

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Transcript of L'oreal Brandstorm.

A pair of three L'Oréal Mumbai WHY INDIA? L'Oréal and India PROMOTION OUT OF HOME MEDIA PLAN UNIQUE ALCHEMY OF 6 FLOWER OILS THAT INSTANTLY NOURISHES FROM ROOT TO TIP TO UNLEASH THE FULL SPLENDOR OF YOUR HAIR The campaign aims to highlight L'oreal Follow our target group's movement within a city up to the last mile of purchase Large format
billboards Bus
shelters Pole
kiosks Mall
media Create impact Build frequency and TOM awareness Drive salience Influence point of purchase Direct to women Magazines Filmfare

Vogue India

Elle India Advertorial + free sample sachets Mumbai: 22 Million inhabitants

Most developed region in India

Entry door to a 1.2 billion people market

13% Hair care value sales growth

Cradle of Bollywood Opportunities to catch up with competition and benefit from high growth % ! L'oreal market shares 7.7% Hair Care share
50% Salon Hair Care
39.9% Premium Hair Care share Mass Market:
Unilever has 50% of the market
Preventing hair loss SMOOTH INTENSE
Care of unmanageable
and dry hair NUTRI-GLOSS
Care of normal hair for more shine TOTAL REPAIR 5
Care of damaged hair COLOUR PROTECT
Care of coloured hair Oil in India Same penetration among women and men

Usage since childhood

Massage head with hair oil; makes hair stronger and nourishes

Women do it mainly before hair wash mostly leave the oil to soak
in overnight before shampooing Most popular hair oil in India Marico 33 % MS Dabur 18 % MS Emami 6 % MS Garnier; Ultra Doux 0,1 % MS) Strong channel of communication Considered as trend setter Existing contract with actresses INDIAN MARKET User Behavior Top concerns Hair loss Damaged and dry hair Dandruff problems Hair wash habits 3.3 times in the summer - 2.1 in the winter Only 38% of women have water supply for 24 hours Most women only have access to cold water 98% of people use shampoo, 34% conditioner and 98% use oil! University of Groningen
Group c6
Naiara Larrañaga
Niclas Dehaumont
Lenka Capova
Jui-ti Kai IDEAL HAIR CARE scalp + hair + upkeep Scalp/roots Need nourishment, stimulation via massage and enhance blood circulation Hair Consumers expect immediate and cosmetic results Upkeep It must clean, preserve the color, enhance the texture and the shine High penetration of hair oil
98% There are no big multinational players yet! OPPORTUNITY Introduce Elseve Extraordinary Oil in a growing market where 98% of people use hair oil as a hair care routine Time taken for soaking is the most important aspect followed closely by ease of removal and fragrance. It is INSTANT, VERSATILE and EASY TO REMOVE It is a new product and we will teach women how it can be adapted to their specific needs Included in magazines II. CASE STUDY Young market & durable trends Best customer base for further expansion Products
haves Scalp - strong reassurance on natural

Hair oil - effective in 15 minutes, easy to remove and with herbal or ayurvedic frangrance

Sachets - Big demand GOLDEN CARE Golden formula The 1st Advanced bio-technology + natural ingredients
Holistic oil-based hair-care
Most user-friendly package design Rich ingredients Ultimate benefits Unique selling
proposition Leading technology to extract medical-grade hyaluronic acid Natural oil components Holistic treatment

15-minute instant result Golden care is a complete care from the health of your scalp to smooth ends with a complementary range of products. It uses the latest oil formulas with L'OREAL leading technology to provide you with the best for every situation that your hair encounters. GOLDEN CARE PRODUCT LINE 1) Golden Care
Exfoliating shampoo 2) Golden Care
Hair Oil 4) Golden care
Double sachets 3) Golden Care
Hair Oil Spray to go HAIR OIL Scalp treatment

High performing formula with rich and spicy aroma

Smoother and healthier scalp Instant benefits, herbal fragrance and no hot water needed

Light texture

Including almond oil Beautiful hair anywhere, anytime

Light texture

Feather light finishing touch Exfoliating shampoo + hair oil

Innovative opening system GOLDEN CARE
INTEGRATED LAUNCH STRATEGY Short term Long term Promotion Special offer Offline Deepika Padukone Media TVC / OOH Media / Magazine Events Ambassador road show Trial Mobile Online "Beauty secrets of Deepika Padukone" Social media Youtube films THANKS FOR YOUR ATTENTION Questions? Are we worth it? I.PRE-CASE STUDY
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