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The Past, Present, and Future of BIM (II)

A summary and prospective report of BIM practice in NA. Series lecture in several universities in Taiwan, 2012

Frank Wang

on 4 April 2013

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Transcript of The Past, Present, and Future of BIM (II)

New emerging technology in Field and Site Building Life-cycle Authoring & Modeling Project Mgt. Facility Mgt. McGraw Hill Construction Report 2009 Statistic of BIM deployment in industry
Architects, Engineers, Contractors & Owners
Trends prediction in next 2 years Ways to improve BIM BIM Values in Phases BIM Values to ROI Trimble Segments Advanced Devices- 8% of revenue ($103m)
Embedded GPS Products
Applanix Mobile Solutions- 12% of revenue ($154m)
Fleet Management
Mobile Worker Productivity Field Solutions- 25% of revenue ($318m)
Mapping & GIS Engineering & Construction- 55% of revenue ($719m)
Construction Services Trimble’s Construction Portfolio Construction Project Control and Transparency
Standardize project workflow and project organization
Track scope, schedule and budget Meridian Prolog RFID based real-time location information
Field resource and material management
Field safety ThingMagic The Trimble Connected Construction Site streamlines workflows, eliminates rework, and improves profitability
As-built 3D Laser Scanning for existing condition
Tool and Asset Management
Layout Solutions for Structures Contractors, Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing Contractors Trimble Field Solution Broadly accessible 3D Modeling
Extensive third party developer network
3D Warehouse SketchUp QuickPen is plumbing detailing tool with integration to fabrication
Accubid is electrical and mechanical estimation, project management and service management software
Plancal is design and detailing tool for MEP Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing Trimble Segments Advanced Devices- 8% of revenue ($103m)
Embedded GPS Products
Applanix Mobile Solutions- 12% of revenue ($154m)
Fleet Management
Mobile Worker Productivity Field Solutions- 25% of revenue ($318m)
Mapping & GIS Engineering & Construction- 55% of revenue ($719m)
Construction Services Create tool to increase field productivity
Joint venture and technology ICT (Intelligent Construction Tools) 1966 Tekla Corporation founded in Finland
1993 Launch Xsteel
1997 Xsteel enters US market
2004 Launch Tekla Structures
2011 Trimble aqusition
550 employees
Offices in 15 countries
30 resellers & partners
Customers in 100+ countries From punch cards to product modeling Structural Steel Structural Engineering Construction Management Building Information Modeling (BIM) software
provides an accurate, detailed and data-rich
3D environment that can be shared by… Cast-In-Place & Precast Concrete Construction BIM- AIA 400 LOD Jumbo Luperon Shopping Center
Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic Construction BIM Delivered on: 3/4/11
On Site: 3/6/11
Erected: 3/12/11
Checked: 3/12/11 Approval Date: 1/24/11
Detailing Status: 2/6/11
Detailed by: B. Nunn White Cap
Cost: $0.23
U.S. Standard B27.2 Schedule Info Detailing Info Vendor Info Information in details Fabrication
... Post tension cable With embeds... Forming an assembly A more complex assembly A post extension assembly
as part of a concrete unit Joining other parts in the same
concrete unit WYSWYG Visualization is essential to
Construction BIM A structural Member in a building Comparison between AEC and Manufacturing Industry Metal Studs Dry Wall Construction Steel Reinforcement Curtain Wall and External Panels Design Aerodynamic analysis optimization Shell structures
Propagation Ergonomic Sub-system and modules Part fabrication Component/System Assembly Key of success
Parametric modeling
Smooth interoperability Assembly Maintenance & part tracking Advantage of PLM
Shorter product and delivery cycle (18 to 5 yrs)
Superior supply chain management
Better system integration PLM- Product Life-cycle Management Example Boeing 777 - PLM AEC Industry Manufacturing Industry Owners involevment Quantify of Deliverable Design Process Top-down Button-up Single Millions Delegation Direct operate & dictatorship Team members Rapid change (proj)
Project-wise composition Direct integration Simple geometry Complex geometry Simple geometry Prefabrication is the most automatized part in the construction BIM in current About the Speaker Benefit and Values Where we're standing? BIM McGraw BIM Report 2009
Current achievement Municipal and Government Initiatives National BIM Standard 18~36 months Call for certification IDM: Information Delivery Manual Establish Consortium(s) NBIMS endorsed process
bSa MVD submittal process IFC MVD Initiative and Workflow Defines workflow and process IFC MVD: Model View Definition A subset (view) of the entire IFC schema that tailored to domain workflow
Fulfill requirements from IDM 2 • Practitioners & Users More Vendors and Exchange Cloud Computing? TODAY BIM Related Research TOMORROW What's next? BIM BIM in cloud? Revamping business model ABOUT Field BIM Learning from other industries
AEC deploys technology and innovation from other industries
Medical industry, National security
Oil and Gas industry, Game industry
.... Today's focus Analysis, simulation, ... Building Life-cycle AIA Model Level of Detail (LoD) Guides Accurate positing technology in site and field Layout Laser scanning - as built condition 400 Level - "Construction BIM" BIM Past, Present, & Future Presented by Frank Wang 2012 Construction BIM Kernel and core capacity ? Construction BIM Pre-fabrication Steel Fabrication Robotic welding Robotic assembling Prism and Layout Rod Trimble RTS Robot One person layout, wireless 2 way communication, real time positioning update Trimble Layout Solution Robot automatically tracks Prism 2.4 GHz Radio or WLAN and Antenna for communication Trimble Field Link or LM80 Field Software Adding the DXF file helps to clarify where you are Selectable Point Data and Background Data from DWG or DXF files Directions Desired Location Current Location Shows you:
Where you are now
Where you want to go
How to get there Layout Point Instrument Setup Allow you to:
Set up for best site coverage
Gives you confidence in your accuracy
Layout points, lines or arcs
Individually select the point you want All rebar and embeds modeled Horizontal DAS attachment behind embed collides with vertical #11 bar (doglegged bar at top of mat for next pour).
144 locations Issues discovered… Form-work Analysis and Optimization Formwork Layout Drawings and Bills of Material Horizontal Vertical $25K Savings from Panel Arrangement Analysis Form-work Analysis and Optimization Plywood
Studs / Whalers
EACH Wall Tie BIM Model Actual Formwork Modeling Reinforcement Fabrication Augmented reality photographic display Laser pointing from the robatic Layout Solution
Laser scanned "As built"condition Reinforcement Fabrication Resolving Clashing & Coordination Form-work Analysis and Optimization Formwork Analysis and Optimization Field Work Collaboration Metal Studs Dry Wall Automatic Fabrication BIM Brief History of Pre-BIM Interoperability NBIMS Laser Scanning Scanning for As-built Analysis Virtual Design Model Point Cloud Data Scanning Use Case Floor/Surface Fixes as a Result of Scan Analysis [Specialty Steel Markets - Mick & Lee] Offshore - Oil and Gas Platform Steel Connection Design Complex Tube Welding Other use cases Trimble Cloud Architecture A New Technique of Storing and Navigation Through a Massive 3D Point Cloud Dataset The Sally Hardware Project, Technology Update Information Extraction Using eCognition WYSIWYG extendable framework for building mobile applications (Windows Mobile, CE, XP, 7 etc.) Extending a Mobile Worker's Capability with the Nuvo Framework Augmenting GPS signal to unreachable places
Other use cases: Bridges, forest, urban areas Terralite XPS for GNSS Augmentation in Mining COMPASS is a Chinese GNSS
Could be used to improve accuracy of GPS COMPASS Clock and Orbit Estimation & Possible Applications High-speed laser scanner (1 million points / sec)
High accuracy (2 mm) with long range (320m@100kpts) Corton - New Generation of High Speed 3D Scanning System Dual-frequency Sparse RTx technology for cm-level
Decimetre-level through Global Ionospheric Corrections High Precision GNSS for the Masses 6 GNSS systems: GPS (US), GLONASS (RU), QZSS (JP), COMPASS (CH),
Galileo (EU), IRNSS (IN) Technology highlights Interoperability! Speaker About Trimble About Tekla Automatic Fabrication BIM with Preconsruction
Structural Steel
Metal studs dry wall Direct Design Fabrication Frank Wang Breaking down or building up
Migration versus new development
Blurred periphery & modularization
Software vs. service- a rethinking process
Service aggregation and modularization
New service and market
New business model and revenue stream
Utility bills Implication of cloud computing Frank Wang Transition
Instance noodle vs. semiconductor manufacturing
Vanishing profit margin from your current top-line product
iPhone manufacturing price = $13 USD
Always be aware when you are on top of the hill Invertible to Change Safety BIM GT Digital Building Laboratory http://www.dbl.gatech.edu/ Jochen Teizer http://cife.stanford.edu/ Center for Integrated Facility Engineering Prefabrication
Metal studs wall
Field BIM
As-built Zero Lot Line Attaching Field Photos to Joints Note Creation, Snapshots, and Sharing Communicating Expansion Joint Issues with Tekla BIMSight Congested Rebar Rebar Coordination around Unforseen Footings Which are to Remain Unforeseen Conditions Modeled off of Imported Trimble Points From the Model to the Field - Rebar Reference Models were used to confirm rebar coordinated around MEP Penetrations Confirming Rebar around MEP Single source from Model to the field ensures quality layout
Choose points from the model that need to be laid out
Dimension points off of known field grids or export layout points to Trimble The Role of the Carpenter Foreman Hundreds of clashes between rebar ties and steel connection plates identified during rebar detailing Rebar Clashes with Steel Rebar Fixed in the Model, Then in Field Shoring Tie-back wire
Abandoned shoring beams
Additional Concrete foundations
Asbestos Abatement
Totaled 31 Day Delay to start of Piles Additional Obstructions Found during Demolition and Excavation Unforeseen Conditions Model shots used to communicate to Owner and OSHA inspectors Validating Crane Size Requirements Locating Temporary Structures Location of ramp and soldier beams coordinated around future foundation work Courtesy of Trimble Navigation ltd. From the Model to the Field Laser Scanning
Better for model vs. field comparison of large areas/entire site
Total Station
Better for specific points (end of wall, bottom of door threshold, etc) Confirming Existing Building Extents
Laser Scanning vs. Trimble Total Station Ongoing steel fabrication put on hold
After 3 weeks of coordination and approval, fabrication resumed without schedule delay Coordinating Rebar Around Steel Design of pile caps allowed for a maximum of 3” tolerance in the placement of piles
As-Built pile layout showed deviations up to 12” in more difficult locations Rebar Issues due to Misplaced Piles Courtesy of Trimble Navigation ltd. Quickly Identified Obstructions to Analyze Effect on New Construction Conflicts with Foundation– Cut Below Conflicts with Pile – Remove No Conflict – Leave in Place Able to Make Cost Driven Decisions with Model Accuracy August 2011 Courtesy of Trimble Navigation ltd. Ensuring Quality Anchor Bolt Placement with Trimble Model and Field Alta Bates Summit Medical Center, Oakland, CA, US From architectural design to software development
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