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Doctor Who

For English class

Josefin Berntsson

on 6 March 2013

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Transcript of Doctor Who

50 Years ago 23 November 1963 '63-'89 '05-present Anniversary this year! Classic Who Modern Who 26 seasons
700 episodes 7 seasons
less than 100 episodes What? The Doctor Doctor Who? Gallifrey TARDIS Time
Space Timelord Regeneration One William Hartnell Two Patrick Troughton Jon Pertwee Three Tom Baker Four Peter Davison Five Colin Baker Six Sylvester McCoy Seven Paul McGann Eight Christopher Eccleston Nine Ten David Tennant Eleven Matt Smith Rose Tyler Mickey Smith Jackie Tyler Jack Harkness Martha Jones Donna Noble Wilfred Mott Billie Piper John Barrowman Amy Pond Karen Gillan Noel Clarke Bernard Cribbins Camille Coduri Freema Agyeman Catherine Tate Rory Williams Arthur Darvill River Song Alex Kingston Clara Oswin Oswald Jenna-Louise Coleman Daleks Cybermen The Master John Simm Sarah Jane Smith Elisabeth Sladen The Slitheen Weeping Angels Whovians Anniversary All Doctors! 3D Spin-offs The Sarah Jane Adventures Torchwood Sonic Screwdriver The Silence Theme song Murray Gold Ron Grainer
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