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Meaningful Language Work

No description

on 2 November 2014

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Transcript of Meaningful Language Work

Meaningful Language Work
Multicultural poems address the real-life concerns, cultural beliefs and practices of students' home community.
Potential Benefits
Students can use English not only to read multcultural poetry, but also to write their own poetry. This allows them to realize that English can be used asa vehicle for personal and cultural expression.
Cultural Empathy
Multicultural poetry not only helps students identify with their own culture, but also exposes them to other cultures.
Cultural Identity
Discussion Topics/Questions
Make a list of your cultural identities – what makes you Spanish/English/Other. What is it about you or what you do or believe that connects you to your culture?
Perspective on Culture
What beliefs do you have about other cultures? Do you see them as superior? inferior? with a critical eye? Do you think it’s destructive either to yourself or to the other culture what you believe about them? Are you sure about your understanding of other cultures?
Cultural Diversity
What do you think a person needs to consider to have an understanding of cultural diversity?
How can we transcend stereotypes? (being empathetic, more educated, making an effort to know people outside of our cultural circle)
1. Explored poetry as a medium of written and spoken expression. Students will appreciate poetry as a medium for authors to express commentary on the pressing social issues of the times
2. Learned the following literary techniques used by poets in their writing:
4. Identified and examined the significance of specific themes that manifest themselves in the writings of poets from around the world

3. Interpreted meaning
5. Drawn parallels between the themes addressed in selected poems and the themes addressed in the literature read in class through out the year
Lesson Plan
2. Watch the performances of spoken
1. Introduce the idea of "poetry" and the phrase "spoken word" to the class. Ask students to brainstorm ideas that come to mind when they hear the word "poetry." Create a word web.
3. During the first viewing students should pay attention to the words that stand out when they hear the poem/performance. Have students write down the words that they hear. During the second viewing, students should listen for visual images that they see in the poem. Have students draw these images. After students complete this activity, have them share their results.
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