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A tale of two workers: managing your mobile workforce

If you want to get the most from your mobile workforce, you need to know where they are, what they’re doing, and what they need to do the best job. View our Prezi to see how much better life can be with superior workforce management.

Sprint Business

on 20 November 2015

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Transcript of A tale of two workers: managing your mobile workforce

Managing your mobile workforce

A tale of two workers

Your business relies on two types of assets.

Things that don’t move around much.

Like your desks, coffee machine and your office goldfish.

And things that move around a lot.

Like your goods, vehicles… and especially your people.

Managing this mobile workforce is a make or break job.

You need to know where your people are, where they’re going and that they’re safe.

And you need to give them the tools that help them get the job done right, the first time.

Managing a mobile workforce is also a really tough job.

Things can go one of two ways.

#1: Not so good.

Lose track of just one moving part and the whole machine can fail.

Sales people miss appointments.

Goods find their way to the wrong address.

You have idle resources – and you don’t even know it.

And customers find their way to your competitors.


#2: Getting it right.

You complete more orders in the field.

Your back office is water tight.

Your business adapts to live data as it comes in.

And your customers are ecstatic.


So what’s it gonna be?

Let’s take a closer look…with a tale of two workers.

Barry works for YouMove Shipping.

He starts early at the office writing up the day’s paperwork.

He walks to the garage to check on the trucks and crews.

Now meet Gary. He does the same job but he works across town at Smart Movers.

His team’s assignments are generated automatically and sent out first thing in the morning by a workflow app that Gary built for the purpose.

(It was drag-and-drop easy.)

On the road, his colleagues have all the order details they need on their mobile devices.

Customers can sign for their deliveries right there on the tablet.

Which saves Gary having to decipher handwritten, coffee-stained scraps of paper. (And saves more than a few trees every year too.)

Win win win.

Meanwhile, at YouMove HQ, Barry is on the phone scribbling down customer payment details.

He doesn’t have time to send the invoices out today, even though his boss is always moaning about cash flow.

Sorry, boss.

Then he hits the radio to make sure his drivers are trucking where they’re supposed to be trucking.

Barry loves his job. It’s just not clear that his job loves him.

On the road with Smart Movers, Gary’s driver is taking a mobile payment for that delivery.

At the same time back in the office, Gary has an up-to-the-minute view of all the day’s jobs and he quickly finds a new order on his driver’s route back to the depot.

That’s another job on the same tank of fuel and the same time card, with no need for expensive overtime.

Gary can almost hear his costs hitting the floor.


Gary and Barry both work hard.

But today Gary got more done in less time and with less effort…

because Mobile Workforce Management tools are not created equal

(no matter what anybody tells you).

Barry has

· low visibility of the field force

· inefficient workflows

· paper-intensive processes

· idle resources

· revenue losses

· poor customer experience…

· and an unhappy boss

Gary has

· full visibility and communications with his team

· real-time, paperless management

· mobile forms and payment tech for closing deals in the field

· custom mobile solutions to automate workflows

· a safe mobile workforce completing more jobs

· great customer experience…

· and a very happy boss

Which all adds up to more free time for Gary to pursue his interests in remote controlled cars, bonsai pruning and renaissance fairs.

The moral of the story?

Working harder and working better are two very different stories.

Which one’s your story?

Now for the shameless plug:

We give you:

· Mobile Forms

· Workforce Locator

· Workforce Manager

· Mobile Payments

· Custom Mobile Solutions

So you can:

· Keep workers safer and on the right track with location-based telematics

· Cut costs by reducing rework and call-backs with mobile forms

· Slash paperwork and get on with doing whatever it is you do best

It’s all part of our Mobile Workforce Management solutions.

And it’s ready to transform your clunky processes into fast, fluid, flexible ones that everybody loves.

Let’s do this thing.

Learn how Sprint Business can help your teams work better on the move.

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