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Champagne Ferret

No description

Kaylee Behnke

on 13 December 2013

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Transcript of Champagne Ferret

Champagne Ferret
Male: Hob

Female: Jills

Young: Kits

Champagne Ferret facts

~ Can have as many as 12 kits
~ Hobs can be 2x larger than Jills
~ 6 months of breeding
~Some champagnes have a 'P' shaped mask
~ The guard hairs are tan-brown
Adrenal gland disease
Cause: Genetics, early age spay/neuter, photoperiod length, and housing in large groups
~Hair loss
~Weight loss
~Pot-belly appearance
~ Surgical removal of Adrenal glands
~ Hormone therapy
Prevention: Can only try to prevent
Heartworm Disease:
Cause: Ferret becomes infected with D. immitis, usually transmitted through a bite from a mosquito carrying the parasite
~Weight loss
~Increased eosinophil counts
~IMMITICIDE (only successful drug)
~IVERMECTIN liquid given orally once a month
~Keep inside

~ Have secure food bowls
* Ferrets are playful
~ Use a water bowl
*Have fragile teeth, can break on bottles
~ Feed them hard food
* Helps keep tarter build up lower
~Don't bathe often
* Rubs oil from fur and makes the sense worse
~Keep shiny objects away
* Attracted to them and will go through anything for it
Addison's Disease
Cause: Lack of hormones made in the adrenal disease
~Lack of appetite
~ Prescribe prednisone and Percorten-V or Florinef (pills of liquid)
~ Nothing, but very rare
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