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Tessellations for library


Mackinley Barnesby

on 8 December 2009

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Transcript of Tessellations for library

My Tessellation What is the name of my tessellation? The mathematical name of my tessellation is 6. Why have I chosen this design? I have chosen this design because I think that it looks very cool and interesting and it looks like nobody else’s design that has been created. This design is also made up of 3 different colours many of them neutral colours meaning both girls and boys can like them. I have also chosen this design because the design itself looks very different new and interesting and I think that it will best fit in the children section of the library this is because it is different and exciting not dull and boring. It might excite some children to come and look at it and then they might find a book they like and read it. The design is interesting and it makes you want to see where it goes. Why did I choose the colours that have been used? I have chosen the colours that I have used in the tessellations due to many the lack of favouring a specific colour for a specific gender except maybe for blue for boys. This is because I think that lots of children will like the colours that I have chosen for the carpet in the kids section of the library, because this carpet design is bright and cheerful, it is different, not like anyone’s else’s and it is not drab and bring like the rest of the carpet in the library, it is a carpet that matches children’s imagination.
Why do I think it will be the best design for the children’s book section of the council library?
As you can see by what else I have written that the rest of the carpet is drab and very boring, but that should not be the case in the children’s section because children are bright and cheerful they are not like adults, they like bright and vibrant colours like blues orange’s and pink’s. The design is also interesting it makes you want to look at it so you get drawn at it, it might draw other children that have not been in the library to come in and look at it, and while they are there they might find and book they like and pick it up and read it. The carpet is different, new, bright, vibrant, just what you need for a children’s book section of your library, thank you for your time.
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