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Innovation at CIC

Presenting innovative solutions for the CIC website

Robert Wiebe

on 6 May 2010

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Transcript of Innovation at CIC

Double click anywhere & add an idea CIC’s Web projects team - a tactical resource for addressing priority requirements and researching and developing innovative solutions, products and services for the CIC website Improve the delivery of information and services through the CIC website Innovation! How? Image credit: http://www.life.com/image/81900053 Innovation on
the CIC Website Projects How-to videos
Web-based targeted messaging
Mobile site and widget
Social Media Publishing Dashboard Tutorial videos that show Web visitors how to fill out certain problematic online forms Success! better address client needs
provide services that are easier for clients to find and use
improve public perception and satisfaction with the department Why? Where? Dashboard that allows CIC to publish to multiple social media sites from one place and to put sound management and accountability around the publishing process A mobile version of the CIC site for people who use mobile devices and a widget for stakeholders' websites CIC’s Web projects team is a tactical resource to address priority requirements and to research and develop innovative solutions, products and services for the CIC website Mobile Site
and Widget GoC leader
communications via world’s most personal technology
vast connectivity
flexible, easy and inexpensive to implement
concise information, whenever, wherever http://cic.digitalhush.com How-To Videos Targeted Messaging System Manage content more effectively
Add real estate
React more quickly to what’s happening in the world
Keep dialogue going with visitors who come from other sites
Take action on data to make improvements
Reduce calls to call centre Social Media
Publishing Dashboard http://cic.smashboard.net Governed process for contributing content to multiple Social Media sites
Simple to handle multiple accounts
Easy to link multiple social network profiles
Ability to publish, manage, track and measure Social Media content from one place
make it easier to fill out problematic forms
decrease dependence on paid representatives
increase operational efficiency by decreasing form errors
provide instant and free information to our clients 1 2 3 4 http://demostore.sitebrand.com/sample/cicscenarios.html Demonstration Demonstration Demonstration Demonstration Specific
Time-sensitive Each project is “SMART” Web-based system that dynamically matches Web visitors with content in real time
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