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Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire

A lot of people died in the fire :(

Laura Rampetsreiter

on 21 February 2013

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Transcript of Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire

The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire was very sad. It killed a lot of people, but it wasn't just the fire that killed people-it was the people trying to escape the fire that killed most of them. The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory was 10 stories high!!! When it burned to the ground, there was a lot of rubble that fell onto Greene Street. The fire was on March 25, 1911. It started around 4:45 pm, just minutes before the workers were about to go home. The owners of the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory, who were Max Blanck and Issac Harris, always locked the factory's doors so none of the workers would escape work, or get out early. Needless to say, none of the employees could escape the fire by doors-that's one of the reasons how most of the workers at the factory died. Every person that tried to jump out of the windows from the fourth story up
didn't survive. There was a mess on the streets from the blood that poured out of the bodies that made an attempt to try. After the fire was over and put out, people were searching all over for their family and friends. The Fire Department called eveyone that had someone with them in New York to a place that they kept all of the dead bodies in caskets. They also showed the people
some of the belongings that they found on the street. 146 people died and 71 people were injured in the fire.
The oldest victim was 48 years old, and the youngest were two 14 year old girls.No one deserves to die that young, but what happened already happened, so unfortunately, we can't do anything about what befell us on that dreadful day. March 25, 1911 We will all remember the people that died on THE END!!! There is a book about a family that travels from Ireland to New York to live a better life and to get a better job. It is called Ashes of Roses, and there is a teenage girl that wants to start a job at the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory. The fire starts when she is at work, and she and her sister have to escape the building. The Triangle Factory Fire was
the worst factory fire in the history
of New York City! There were
many sad people after the fire, because so many people were trying to find their relatives and friends You can help prevent fire from spreading if you see one.Once fire starts, it may be uncontrollable.
If you see a fire, call 911 immediately and
get help right away. Fire is one of the most deadliest things in the world-it is also one of the most dreadful things in the world. INTERESTING FACTS ABOUT THE TRIANGLE SHIRTWAIST FACTORY The owners of the factory hired Jewish immigrants between the age of thirteen and twenty-three years old. The factory fire was only 18 minutes long, but it seemed longer because it was difficult for people to get out of the smoky area. So many people were worried, but people could not get any closer because it was so crowded from the fire trucks and firemen. Max Blanck and Issac Harris started a small store on Woodster Street called the Triangle Waist Factory, but it soon became the factory called the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory. Fire Man!!!
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