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Intercultural communication around the world

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on 23 March 2015

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Transcript of Intercultural communication around the world

Intercultural communication around the world
- looking down is a sign of respect
- gaze at adams apple
- wrap presents very careful and proper
- team work is very important
- take business cards with both hands

- uneven numbers of flowers
- no blue/white flowers (associated with funerals)
- talk nice about their country
(themes like: success in olympics,
the worlds biggest economy)
- do not widen your eyes, it´s associated with
- bow down to say hello to other persons-

United Kingdom:

- everybody has to buy one round in bars
- leave 10% tip in restaurants
- taxi: a little under 10%
- hotels: 1-2 pounds per bag
- pubs: no tip expected
- offer drinks more one time
- accept the second or third drink, not the first
- only shake hands when offered
- only use first name when offered
- education is very important so use academic titles


- they only do business with people they trust
- talk about family, travel, tourism & sports


- they always start meetings 1/2 an hour later
- being punctual is impolite
- talk about family, education
- come well-dressed
- show emotion
- give 20% tip to show that a meal was excellent
- call people by their first names
- do lots of compliments
- always empty your plate
- keep doors closed
- have a good eye-contact
- always talk positive about America
- to show interest bob your head and grunt
Western Countries:

- have a good eye contact

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