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Career Lifeline

Timeline of Career Development and Future Life/Career Goals

Samantha M

on 4 June 2013

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Transcript of Career Lifeline

Career Lifeline
(birth-present) Elementary/Middle School: I was responsible for making my bed, taking out the trash, and cleaning my dishes. I learned that you have to do these things on your own or you may become a hoarder later in life. I began babysitting at age 15. I babysat many children on a regular basis throughout high school in addition to working other jobs. I learned how to discipline children and became more aware of children's development. This job gave me chances to be creative. I eventually became a nanny when I moved to Orlando for college. High School: I was responsible for doing my laundry, help cook/clean up after dinner, cleaning my room/bathroom, taking care of pets, and washing my car. I was also responsible for paying half of my car payments each month. Learned how to budget and became more independent.
During my junior year of high school I worked at a movie theater. I was a cashier, cook, and also responsible for cleaning theaters. I learned customer service and sales skills. I quit this job and left to work at a photography company. I worked as a receptionist for a photography company as a senior in high school. I was responsible for setting up appointments, mailing out customer orders, and handling payments/refunds. I learned a great deal about the photography business and sales. This job helped me improve my time management, customer service, computer, and organization skills. When I moved to Orlando for college I worked at American Eagle. Worst job ever! I was responsible for handling money transactions, selling store credit cards, marketing hot items/deals, and assisting with floor set displays each season. I quit to become a part-time nanny after being miserable working there for 2 years. This job made me realize how much I dislike pushing people to buy something. For 2 years I worked as a part-time nanny for a family with 3 kids. I was responsible for picking them up from school and helping them with after school activities. I learned a lot about ADHD and ODD. My passion to work with children with mental illness began during this time. During my undergrad, I interned as a Peer Adviser at UCF's Psychology Academic Advising Office where I helped students to understand their degree program requirements. I provided guidance to create class schedules, advised students about internship/research opportunities, and trained/supervised new advisers. I quit shortly after getting an internship at a private practice. I also volunteered as a research assistant during my undergrad. I learned how to input and analyze data using SPSS and was also responsible for setting up participants. I quit after 2 semesters to pursue more interesting internship opportunities. I learned that research bores me. I got an internship working at a local private practice during my last year of undergrad. I was responsible for scheduling/checking in clients, handling payments, verifying insurance benefits/checking claims, scoring psychological tests, and transcribing court ordered evaluations, I also learned how to set up client charts. After my internship ended, I joined the private practice as the Assistant Office Manager. I was responsible for training interns, handling difficult clients, monitoring client accounts, and doing weekly deposits/inventory. I learned how to manage others and work with clients diagnosed with mental illness. I gained knowledge about how private practices operate and how insurance companies work with mental health providers. During this time, I took a year off after graduation to observe and learn from the providers counseling there. I worked closely with a clinical psychologist, mental health counselor, and clinical social worker who helped me realize the path I wanted to take for graduate school. I later quit to focus on my education. My first year at Rollins I interned at CFDFL Women's Residential Program. I learned a great deal about the bad that comes along with working for a poorly managed and funded agency. I was not given much responsibility during my time there and spent many days shadowing counselors and attending/co-facilitating group therapy sessions. I also learned the agency's paperwork and filing process. I currently intern at Planned Parenthood of Greater Orlando. I am responsible for helping support clients who are entering/leaving the facility to ensure that they are comfortable while protestors are active. I also volunteer at tabling events around the Orlando area to promote the services that PPGO offers. Future Life/Career Goals
(5-10 years from now) Become a registered intern.
Obtain my license to practice.
Become certified in Play Therapy.
Work with children/adolescents in a school or agency setting for a while before going into private practice.
Get married. Have children and stay at home for a few years (possibly work part-time).
Become certified in Crisis Counseling.
Open a private practice geared toward helping children and families.
Do supervision for registered interns.
At some point I'd like to work for a nonprofit organization doing crisis counseling.
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