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Math and Me

SPWM 2013

Jessica Williams

on 15 November 2013

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Transcript of Math and Me

- PhD!!!!!!

My Research

Early Education
- Attended public school in southeastern Kentucky

Jessica > Epsilon
Mom = Nurse

Dad = Mechanic

Me = Only child!
- Math or English?
Jessica Decides To Go To Grad School
- Computer Science,
Philosophy minors
- Linear Algebra hooked me
- Abstract Algebra WHOA.
- First two years = struggle

- Pretty bored

- Loved math and reading in 4th grade. Fractions WHOA.

- Favorite high school classes: English, Geometry, Anatomy

- Wanted to be a writer or lawyer

- Jessica fails a math test #1: AP Calculus
- SPWM 2009
- Mom: "Scam!"

- Dad: "Graduation school?"

- Conclusion: Iowa
- Talked to professors

-Jessica fails a math test #2:
GRE Math Subject Exam
- Desire to learn all the things.
...but seriously
- Feelings of inadequacy.

- Friends are important!!!

- Jessica fails a math test #3:
Analysis Qualifying Exam

- United we stand,
divided we fall..
- Third year = awesome.
- Love of teaching!!!
- Adviser drama.
- Research begins!
- Comprehensive Exam CHECK
- Conferences
- Small, liberal arts college
- Interdisciplinary courses
- Research with undergraduates

- Service/outreach/mentoring
First research goal:

Learn all about commutative rings
Second research goal:
Try to generalize a previous result about abelian groups. Think about in the context of modules over commutative rings.
Some Progress
co-maximal means I + J = R
annihilator means what sends it to 0
torsion means something sends it to 0
injective - property of a module
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