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The Walking Dead Archetypes

Mike Jorzak Kevin Lombardo

Kevin Lombardo

on 24 October 2012

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Transcript of The Walking Dead Archetypes

Mike Jorzak Kevin Lombardo The Walking Archetypes The Father Figure Rick Grimes is also the father figure because he cares for not only his family as a father, but for the group as a whole. He is constantly putting the group ahead of himself, lookign out for them more than himself. The Hero/ Vengeful Warrior The Mother Figure Lori is he mother figure because she mothers a child during the whole situation. She loves and cares for her child, but also is the woman who makes sure that all the chores in the group get done. She is almost like the first lady of the group. The Fatal Woman or Temptress The Witch The Monster/ Villain In this series, Sophia is the one who gets the short end of the stick. Her dad was abusive to her and her mother, and she gets chased off by walkers and is left alone while Rick tried to save her. Long story short, she gets turned into a walker and unknowingly gets taken into Herschel's barn whre her moher finds her and becomes devastated. The Innocent Dale Helpers/ Wise Old Man The Alter Ego or Double Glenn is also the underdog because somehow, some what he always ends up finding himself in a situation where he is left disadvantaged or stranded and he ends up coming out on top such as the scene where he has to be lowered into a well to stick a noose around a walker who fell in. The Underdog Rick Grimes Rick Grimes Lori Grimes Andrea Andrea Shane Walsh Sophia Shane Walsh The Trickster/ The Fool Glenn is the fool of the series more than any other charachter. He is constantly coming up with crazy stunts to save people from walkers, and ways to have and find fun in this new world that they were all plunged into. He himself is also almost the hero of the story for these same reasons, the series would not have made it past the 2nd episode without glenn saving rick from the zombies he encounters deep in atlanta Glenn Glenn Rick Grimes is the true leader of the survivalist group. his goal is to ensure that his family is safe but at the same time trying to manage the group while butting heads with Shane Walsh, his best friend, who abandoned him after thinking he was dead. What makes Rick the hero or vengeful warrior is the protection he provides to his group even in the face of a post-apocalyptic zombie infested world in which, for many people, there is no hope left to be had. The Unhealable Wound The Unhealable wound would be the zombies coming into the world itself. The characters are exposed to gruesome lifestyles and mad hordes of zombies running around, killing people, even children. Most if not all of their friends and family are gone in most cases, and at any minute they could be next. This would cause people to get their emotions very mixed up. They would be sad, scared, angry, and very paranoid. The paranoia itself is enough to make a group of people who you don't know go insane with madness. Even though dale dies at the end of the second season, he was definately the wise old man. He wanted to be like a father to Andrea, because he had tried to have kids of his own but couldn't. He is also the wise old man of the group in the aspect of how he looks after the RV for the group and makes any repairs necessary, because the rest of the group does not have the kind of experience that he has. Shane is the altar ego of the group because he is the one who is constantly causing disputes with Rick, and secretly slept with his wife while they had thought he was dead. He considers himself to be a dad to Carl (Rick's son), even after Rick returns to the group. The Unfaithful Wife Lori Grimes would fall into the archetype of an unfaithful wife. When the zombie outbreak happened, Rick was in the hospital because of a gunshot wound he received while on his job as a cop. After the outbreak happened, his wife just assumed he was dead, and a week into the outbreak, she had an affair with Shane. Rick turned out to be fine and came and found the group. Even though Andrea does not seem live the fatal woman, she most certainly is. When the group finds its way to herschel's farm, she allows one of the heart broken daughters of Herschel to attempt suicide after talking to Lori about how it should be her choice to commit suicide or not. The Creature Of Nature The creature of nature in The Walking Dead would be the zombies. The zombie outbreak occurred naturally by a virus and spread quickly. The virus spreads around the world and infects people globally. Every human carries the virus but the only way you can actually get infected is if you get bit or scratched. The zombies are the monsters in this way because they are trying to kill all of the characters in the show. The zombies don't care if you are 6 months old or 60 old if they see a human they will harm anyone, they don't care. Once again andrea finds herself in the evil role. She is constantly making judgements that put the group at risk, and sometimes even plotting to leave the group with shane. She has almost no reguard for the safety of the group and has all the care in the world for just herself. It is almost like the world just turned against Shane, but that gives him no excuse to go around almost splitting up the group, and even putting Rick into the sights on his gun, wanting to shoot him. His jealousy over Lori and Carl is too overwhelming for him to handle and he finally snaps on Rick, but the tables are turned against him and he is killed by Rick. Period 7
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