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Austin Nield is amazing!

No description

Amy Edwards

on 19 February 2013

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Transcript of Austin Nield is amazing!

Austin Nield Eleanor Hallowell Life of Eleanor H. Eleanor H. was born in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA on September 22nd, 1872. Her mother abandoned them four days before her second birthday. She had four brother and one sister until her sister (Jessica) passed away from measles on February of 1883. After a few years of receiving private schooling she attended Radcliffe College, Massachusetts. Throughout her life time lived and drew writing influences in places such as Cambridge, Massachusetts, Wilton, New Hampshire and Portsmouth New Hampshire. Life of Eleanor H.
#2 Life and Works #2 Eleanor 1908 Eleanor H. Abbott's Greatest
Works Other Men's Motives, 1902
The Sunday Husbands, 1911
Molly Make-believe, 1910
The Sick-a-Bed lady, 1911
The White Linen Nurse, 1913
Little Eve Edgarton, 1914
The Indiscreet Letter, 1915
The Stingy Reciever, 1913
Peace on Earth Good-will to Dogs, 1920 Eleanor H. Hallowell Greatest works #2 A children's author and a poet she has wriiten some fourteen novels and seventy-five short stories and held a close personal acquaintance with Lowell and Longfellow, and E. E. Cummings. Three of Abbott's novels were made into movies, all were silent. Firstly in April 1916 came 'Molly Make-Believe', later that year in August, Robert Z Leonard who went on to make films and directed 'Little Eve Egerton'. In 1920 the novel 'Old Dad' was made into a movie starring Mildred Harris. Eleanor Hallowell abbott died in Portsmouth,New Hampshire, USA on June 4th, 1958 at the age of 85. Her works were distributed by a number of Publishing Houses, including: Appleton, Dutton, Century and Dodd Mead. Also she wrote magazine article for 'Harper's Monthly and 'The Ladies' Home Journal' among many others. Many of Abbott's books were illustrated, with contributing artist's such as R M Crosby, Walter Tittle, Fanny Munsell, Herman Pfeifer and James Montgomery Flagg. Life and Works In the year 1908 she married Dr Fordyce Coburn and settled down in New Hampshire. Shortly after being married she began publishing her works in magazines, soon followed by a number of books and short stories. Most being of romance. In 1935 she published her own autobiography 'Being Little in Cambridge when Everyone Else Was Big.' Eleanor With Her Family Her father, Jacob Abbott, was also a well known author for his books for younger people including his famous Rollo series. His books were typically religious based. Her brothers, Benjamin and Austin Abbot both went on to become eminent lawyers. Lyman and Edward Abbott took after their father and also became clergymen as well as publishing a few of their owns novels. Fortunately,
The End Disclaimer, I had no prior interest in this writer but she was chosen at random and still have NO interest what so ever. Rainy Week, 1917
Silver Moon, 1922
But Once a Year, 1910
Love and the Ladies, 1900
The Book of The Funny Smells--and Everything, 1911
The Ne'er Do Much, 1925
Love and Mrs. Kendrue, 1919
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