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Multimedia Magic Path 2


Shelley Mannion

on 15 April 2014

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Transcript of Multimedia Magic Path 2

Buddhas at the British Museum
Millions of people around the world follow Buddhism, the religion founded by the Buddha. Buddhism began around 490-410 BC. Even though different countries have different traditions, all of them honour the Buddha and make statues of him.
Buddhas from around the world
Press the forward arrow and find the five Buddhas shown in the pictures.
Take a photo of each one.
Thailand, Case 47
Burma, Case 45
Java, Case 42
Sri Lanka, Case 39
Which Buddha was your favourite? Find him again and make a voice recording on your camera.
Your recording should include:

What does your favourite Buddha looks like. Is he standing or sitting down? What colour is he? Is he happy or sad?

Why did you choose him as your favourite? Give at least two reasons.
Your favourite Buddha
Buddha's life & your life
Buddha had an interesting life. His father was a rich king in India, but Buddha did not want to become a king. Instead, he left his home searching for happiness that would last forever. After a long time, he found this happiness. He called it Enlightenment.
Can you find this picture in Case 13?

It shows a scene from Buddha's life. He is offering some dust with his hands to show that even someone without any money can be generous. What matters is that you give freely from your heart.
Think of a time when you were generous to someone else. Make a video interview with your partner about what kind of gift you gave, or wish you could give to someone.
Being generous
The Buddha's gaze
In statues of Buddha, the face is very important. Artists try to make his face show peace and calm. When we feel peaceful, it is easier to get along well with others - even people we don't like.
Find the three large heads of Buddha in Case 49. What feelings do their faces show?

Stand in front of the heads and take pictures of each other trying to smile like the Buddha.
Symbolic stupas
Stupas are Buddhist monuments. Their shape is like the Buddha's body when he sits in cross-legged in meditation. The different parts of a stupa are symbols. Tiny stupas are put on Buddhist shrines.
Can you find the stupa near Case 28?

Buddhists always go around a stupa in a clockwise direction - the same way as the hands of your watch go. Make a video of the stupa as you walk in a circle around it. Zoom in to show more detail.
Most Buddhists do meditation, which is like exercise for the mind. Buddha did meditation in order to find happiness. He relaxed his mind and let his thoughts settle.
Exercise for the mind
Many statues of Buddha show him meditating.

Can you find a Buddha sitting like this in Case 15 or Case 17? This is the way he sat at the moment he found Enlightenment under a bodhi tree in India. He is touching the earth with one hand.

Try to sit just like Buddha and take turns photographing each other.
Well done!
You have finished your trail. Now, bring your camera and computer back to the teacher.
free-standing, between case 50 & case 14
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