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Dustin Rees

on 11 October 2012

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Transcript of Voting

Voting THE HISTORY OF VOTING Early American Voter

White Men that owned Property
Age Requirement 21
Roughly 5-6% of the population Excluded Voters included

1. Women
2. White Men without Property
3. African Americans Why Did These Restrictions exist? John Jay Believied"The people that own the country shall govern the country" Mid 1800's - Prior to
the Civil War Religious Restrictions had been lifted Property Ownership had been lifted Universal White Suffrage The Passing of the 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments to the Constitution Post Civil War 13th - Granted Citizenship to slaves
14th - Granted Equal Protection Rights to former slaves
15th- Granted African American MEN the right to vote Did African Americans really have a right and the freedom to vote? Passage of Jim Crow Laws in the South Grandfather Clause- Only voter that were eligible were those whose Grandfathers voted prior to 1867 Literacy Tests - Most former slaves and AA in the South could not read or write Poll Taxes - Payment before voting 19th - Amendment - Granted women the right to vote in 1920

Voting Rights Act of 1965- Outlawed any law or restriction to the free enterprise of voting (got rid of Jim Crow Laws in the South)

26th Amendment - Granted voting rights to adults age 18 or older (mainly as a result of the high number of 18-20 year old men fighting in the Vietnam War) 20th Century Changes Voting Today An18 years of age on Election Day;
U.S. Citizen;

Resident of Wyoming and the precinct in which you register;

Withdraw voter registration from any other jurisdiction, if applicable;

Present a valid Wyoming Driver License if you have one and if not; provide the last four digits of your Social Security Number.

Not been convicted of a felony, or if convicted, has had civil or voting rights restored.

Nor adjudicated mentally incompetent. Who Can Vote? Registration is set by each individual state

In the State of Wyoming you can register in three ways:

Register in Person at the County Clerks Offic

Register by mail

Register at the polls How do you register? Electoral College THE HISTORY OF VOTING- REVIEW
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