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Etiquette in the 1920's

No description

Michael McGill

on 11 January 2013

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Transcript of Etiquette in the 1920's

Mikey McGill Etiquette in the 1920's Pre-1920 Etiquette Pre/Post 1920's Changes Changes during the 1920's New images of women emerged Pre-1920's New styles contained "attitude" -Tight-fit felt hats •During the beginning of the 1920’s, most women started to make a new image for themselves. •Women started to embrace new fashions, which contained “attitude”. •Started to wear clothes that were contrary to the past image of women. -Bright, waistless dresses that ended above the knees -Skin-toned stockings Women became much more assertive Smoking cigarettes, drinking in public, talking openly about sexual activities. Actions that before the 1920's would have destroyed their reputations in their communities. With the changes in the image of women came a different outlook on them in society. Both men and women started to believe marriage was an equal partnership, rather than the man controlling the relationship. Many movements in society brought women to become equal in society to men, which included the right to vote as well as political rights and better wages. Although women were making progress in society, most were still spending their time at home doing household tasks and taking care of their family. Women felt there was more to life than sitting at home. It now became acceptable to express oneself in a way than before the change in society. -Women wore dresses down to their ankles -Unequal relationships/marriages -Very good morals Post 1920's -Acceptable to nearly do anything -Fashions that broke society's norms -Attitude The change in women lead better equality and rights of women in society as well as a new image. The morals and edicate of women dramatically changed during the 1920's. THE END
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