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LSAC Presentation 2013

No description

Bill Churma

on 7 June 2013

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Transcript of LSAC Presentation 2013

Spotlight on China and France Bill Churma
American University

Cynthia Coleman
Vanderbilt University

Anne Marlenga
USC Gould School of Law LSAC Annual Conference
May 30, 2013 Overview China's Legal Education System
France's Legal Education System
Recruiting Tips
Using Technology in Recruiting
Questions/Open Discussion 2012-13 Application Statistics Applications: 3,640
Matriculants: 345
TOEFL Scores
75th percentile = 105
50th percentile = 101
25th percentile = 94 Chinese Legal System Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.) - 4 years

Master of Laws (LL.M.) - 1 year

Juris Masters (J.M.) - 3 years

Doctor of Law (LL.D.) - 3 years Legal Environment in China Chinese Lawyers
1979 = 200 vs. 2006 = 150,000

Chinese Law Service Agencies
1979 = 200 vs. 2003 = 12,000 Chinese Grading System Law School Rankings in China 85-100 5 Excellent A
75-84 4 Good B
60-74 3 Average C
0-59 2 Fail F China University of Political Science & Law
East China University of Political Science & Law
Fudan University
Peking/Beijing University
Renmin University
Sun Yat-sen University
Tsinghua University
Wuhan University
Zhejiang University Fudan University Forbidden City Beijing 2012-13 Application Statistics Applications: 1,010
Matriculants: 90
TOEFL Scores
75th percentile = 108
50th percentile = 104
25th percentile = 94 French Legal System Lycée
BAC - Baccalauréat
Maîtrise 1 (M1)
Maîtrise 2 (M2) Universités & Grandes Ecoles French Grading System 16-20 Très bien Very good A+
14-15 Bien Good A
12-13 Assez bien Quite good B
10-11 Passable Satisfactory C
8-9 Insuffisant Unsatisfactory D
0-7 Ajourné Failed F Law School Rankings in France Université Panthéon-ASSAS (Paris II)

Université Panthéon-Sorbonne (Paris 1)

Université ParisOuest Nanterre La Défense (Paris X)

Institut d'Études Politiques de Paris (Sciences Po) Becoming a Lawyer in France Centre Régional de Formation Professionnelle des Avocats (CRFPA)
Passage rate = 25 to 45% CRS pulls Webinars
Live Chats
Video Open Houses

Google Hangouts
Skype Build prospects Thank you! Questions? General Recruiting Tips Low-Cost Recruiting What resources do you have available to you now? Successes Challenges Tips Personal touch
Chats/videos were recorded and saved online
Rapid communication Rely on IT - no ad hoc chats
Timing for various countries
Too many speakers Record events
Have staff member manage software while you present
Keep speakers to a minimum
Use photos!
Bitly links to track clicks if no e-marketing system Keep it simple and give it a try! Manage expectations
Utilize alumni
Connect with EdUSA/Fulbright Leverage university partnerships Faculty traveling internationally? 1. Selective exam taken during M1 or M2 year 2. Entrance to 1 of 15 écoles d'avocats 3. Certificat d'Aptitude à la Profession d'Avocat (CAPA) 18-month program consisting of coursework and internships Students who pass bar in US can skip right to CAPA exam
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