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Tommy Douglas

No description

Jenny N

on 10 October 2011

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Transcript of Tommy Douglas

Tommy Douglas Who is Tommy Douglas? What did he do? Let's Start with 20 quick Facts Ready??? 3 2 1 In 1994, Douglas led the first socialist government elected in North America Tommy Douglas was born in Falkirk, Scotland on 20 Oct 1904 He was premier of the province for the next 17 years. 4 Douglas is often called the Father of Medicare. In 1947, the Saskatchewan government introduced the first provincial hospital insurance program in Canada. 5 In 1959, the federal government shared the cost of provincial hospital insurance plans with the provincial governments. 6 In 1961, 10 provinces and 2 territories had public insurance plans, which covered in-hospital care. 7 In 1962, the Saskatchewan government introduces the first public health care program. 8 On the day that Medicare came into effect, 90% of Saskatchewan’s Doctors went on strike. 9 In 1972, the provincial health plans now included services of doctors and physicians. 10 Tommy Douglas also passed The Saskatchewan Bill of Rights, which protected both fundamental freedoms and equality rights against both government abuse and the abuse of powerful private institutions and persons. It was Canada’s first. 11 Tommy Douglas created the Saskatchewan Power Corporation which extended electrical services to isolated farms and villages in the province. 12 Douglas eliminated sales tax on food and meals and reduced provincial debt by $20 million 13 Douglas is famous for his Mouseland speech. 14 In 1961, Tommy Douglas became the leader of the NDP party, which was an alliance between the CCF and organized labour. 15 Douglas worked with Jane Fonda to criticize the American involvement in Vietnam 16 Douglas was often accused of being a communist 17 A 1,142 page dossier was written about Douglas by the RCMP. The RCMP spied on him as part of their “Reds under the Beds” project. They believed that Tommy Douglas was an active communist 18 Only 456 pages of the RCMP files have been released by the Canadian government Douglas attended a Communist meeting in May 1965, while in Burnaby, British Columbia 19 20 In 2004, a CBC poll revealed that Canadians thought that Tommy Douglas was the Greatest Canadian. Fundamental Questions What would life in Canada be like without Medicare?
Is political power more important that political influence?
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