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Business Luncheon Etiquette

No description

arhita dasgutpa

on 30 January 2013

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Transcript of Business Luncheon Etiquette

Human to Human Interactions
are important Why a luncheon? Be careful about what you order. Personal Interaction Indirect Communication Business Interactions Before Lunch During Lunch After Lunch 3 Steps of a Lunch Interview Cellphones- Just Say No Don't make the same mistake as this man! Stay away from alcohol Know local Customs Inappropriate to talk about business before getting the menu Rude to keep hands in your lap Wait to be told where to sit. The most respected person faces the door Hint: Start from the outside & work in It looks like I'm writing but I'm not Less body contact is preferred It looks like I'm writing but I'm not It looks like I'm writing but I'm not It looks like I'm writing but I'm not It looks like I'm writing but I'm not Be on Time Thank you for your time Make sure the price of your meal is reasonable in comparison to the host's meal Remember to only sit after
your hosts have been seated. Dress appropriately for the occasion Familiarize yourself with the restaurant Don't forget to use proper interview techniques Treat restaurant employees with respect “Checking messages is disrespectful and sends a message that there’s somebody and something more important”
-Stephen Begley, president of Begley Consulting Have a firm handshake Be sure to maintain eye-contact throughout the interview Times are tough. We have to make sure we have everything right now. We can’t afford to have people embarrass us or themselves " " Know your material for the interview, but DON'T memorize potential answers -Peter Post, director of the Emily Post Institute The business meal is one more ritual you can’t afford to get wrong " " -Kim Girard, Money Watch Engage in the interview by asking questions. Avoid controversial topics Sit up straight and talk with confidence. Prove that you were meant for the position The Business Luncheon Abrar Matin
Arhita Dasgupta
Nathanael Ji Less body contact is preferred. Don't make the same mistake as this man
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