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Does air contain moisture?

No description

Tanja Burns

on 28 October 2013

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Transcript of Does air contain moisture?

Does air contain moisture?
The moisture in the air is called humidity.
What evidence is there that air contains moisture?
Saturation Point
The point at which there is so much moisture in the air that it can't hold any more.
Dew Point
The temperature at which the water vapour in the air condenses out into droplets of water.
Use a hygrometer (psychrometer) to measure the humidity in the air
The difference in temperatures between the wet and dry bulbs of a thermometer can be used to determine the amount of humidity in the air.
Evidence of moisture in the air
Glasses fogging up
What other evidence can you think of that air contains moisture?
Windshield fogging up
Dew on grass in the morning
Seeing your breath on a cold day
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