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Scarlet Letter: Chapters 23-24

No description

Spencer Tiburcio

on 9 September 2013

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Transcript of Scarlet Letter: Chapters 23-24

Scarlet Letter
Scarlet Letter: Chapters 23-24
By: Emily Burgess and Spencer Tiburcio
#1: "...Nor had ______________ ever breathed through mortal lips more evidently than it did through his. " (P. 305)
A. Inspiration B. Stupidity
C. Poetry D. Rudeness
#2: T/F The subject of Reverend Dimmesdale's speech was the relationship between the Deity and the communities of mankind.
#3: T/F After the speech, as Reverend Dimmesdale walks with the crowd he continues to be in a lively and energetic mood.
#4: After Dimmesdale's request towards Pearl, she complies and __________ him.
A. Kisses B. Slaps
C. Hugs D. Accepts
# 5: T/F Roger Chillingworth goes on the scaffold with Hester, Pearl, and Dimmesdale.

Chapter 23
The Revelation of the Scarlet Letter
What this title means: The meaning of this title is that in this chapter Revered Dimmesdale tears off his "ministerial band" and reveals some sort of mark on his chest.
Chapter 24:
The Conclusion
What this title means?
This is the final chapter where the characters meet their ending to the infamous 'scarlet letter tale' that has become popular around New England. It is the closing to some character's lives and the resolution to the novel.
Literary Terms
Psychological Fiction is imaginative prose that emphasizes the interior, subjective experiences of its characters, especially emotional anguish of characters.
What is an example of psychological fiction in The Scarlet Letter?
A: Dimmesdal faces a lot of emotional anguish when he is deciding whether to confess or not. For example, the scaffold and the starry 'A' in the sky shows his angst and sin.
Discussion Questions:
#1: Why do you think Chillingworth attempted to stop reverend Dimmesdale?
#2: Why do you think Pearl agrees to kiss Dimmesdale?
#3: Why does Chillingworth go on the platform with Dimmesdale, Pearl, and Hester?
#4: Hester, Pearl, and Dimmesdale had an oppurtunity to leave Boston without anyone ever knowing their sins. Why do you think Dimmesdale decides to speak up and "blacken his fame?"
The chapter begins with Reverend Dimmesdale's sermon. As people begin to leave there is talk throughout the town of how this was Dimmesdale's best work. The procession begins the walk to the town hall and is greeted with cheers in the Marketplace. The crowd gets a glimpse of Dimmesdale and sees that he looks pale and weak. Dimmesdale turns towards the scaffold and calls for Hester and Pearl. Chillingworth is shocked and attempts to make Dimmesdale stop. Dimmesdale ignores him and asks Hester to guide him up onto the scaffold. On the scaffold the Reverend speaks to the crowd, announcing that he has sinned. Afterwards, he talks to Chillingworth saying, "May God forgive thee! Thou, too, hast deeply sinned!" He then continues to ask Pearl to kiss him and she does. When Pearl kisses him a "spell was broken...and [Pearl] would grow up amid human joy and sorrow." Lastly he turns to Hester for a brief conversation concerning their future after she died. Then Dimmesdale dies.
After Dimmesdale dies, rumors fly concerning the 'A' on his chest. Some claim it was Hester who burned him, others say it was never there. Chillingworth dies after not fulfilling his revenge. He leaves Pearl an incredible inheritance causing her to become a respectable heiress then dissapearing. Hester returns to the cottage and becomes a counsel for woman who need help. The letter 'A' had been manipulated into 'adultery' to 'able' then finally 'angel and 'apostle'. When Hester dies, her grave is placed next to Dimmesdale.
Discussion Questions
#1:Where do you think Dimmesdale received the letter 'A' imprint on his chest?
#2: Do you think Chillingworth loses his chance for revenge or fulfilled it?
#3: Why did Pearl and Hester disappear after Dimmesdale died?
#4: Why do you think the meaning of the scarlet letter has changed so much? Has that affected the town?
#6: The MAJORITY of the spectators believed they saw ____________ on the reverend's chest.
A. the letter A B. the letter B
C. Nothing at all D. The Alphabet

#7: List one of the rumored origins of the answer from number 6

#8: Who leaves Pearl land?
A. Chillingworth B. Dimmesdale
C. Hester D. Mistress Hibbins

#9: T/F At the end of the book the Scarlet Letter is a symbol that attracted the world's scorn and bittness.

#10: Hester and Dimmesdale were buried in two seperate graves but their graves had the same ______________.

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