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Base information when starting a program.

Ashley Kostelnik

on 8 February 2012

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Transcript of AmeriCorps

- AmeriCorps' poverty-fighting arm

-Created in 1964 as part of War on Poverty

- Focus on capacity building; raising funds, recruiting
volunteers and designing sustainable programs

- Full-time year-long service AmeriCorps -Team Based residential service

-Focus on disaster response, environment,
housing and youth

-Teams travel to projects in neighboring states

-Open to 18-24 year olds

-Full time 10 month service AmeriCorps NCCC -Largest branch of AmeriCorps

-About 74,000 members serve each year

-Members serve with more than 13,000 organizations

-Members address needs in education, environment,
health, housing, disaster response and more

-Grantees include national and local nonprofits, schools,
universities, public agencies and Native American Tribes

-Full-time and Part-time opportunities

(CANI program will function as AmeriCorps State) AmeriCorps State/National - Indiana Commission on Community Service and Volunteerism (ICCSV)

- Together the OFBCI with the ICCSV, provide information, training,
technical assistance and limited grant funding to both community
based and faith-based organizations seeking to make Indiana a
better place to live for all citizens.

- Each state has a Governor-appointed state service commission that
administers the funds.

- 11,000 AmeriCorps members have served 13,000,000 hours in Indiana

-$29,400,000 awarded in the form of Education Awards Indiana Commission on Community Service and Volunteerism -$3.6 million awarded

-18 programs; 3 planning grants

-810 Members

-1 Full-time member yields $36,312 benefit to community

- Indiana communities during 2011 = $29.4 million 2011 Indiana AmeriCorps $$$ -CONNECT organizations and communities to grants, services, and each other

-PROMOTE volunteerism and service to improve the lives of Hoosiers

- ENCOURAGE public and private resources to seed and sustain innovative and high quality community and faith-based initiatives

-HIGHLIGHT the good works of individuals and their communities with best practices and innovative models Office of Faith-Based Innitiatives Types of AmeriCorps Programs What is AmeriCorps? National Service Program "Domestic Peace Corps"

Members serve in programs designed to address specific needs of their communities.

Areas of Focus:
- Disaster Services
- Education
- Environmental Stewardship
- Healthy Futures
- Economic Opportunity
- Veterans and Military Families What is AmeriCorps? What is AmeriCorps? Getting Things Done. AmeriCorps helps communities meet needs in the areas of education, public safety, the environment, and other human needs through direct and demonstrable service.

Strengthening Communities. AmeriCorps builds the capacity of community organizations and other institutions to more effectively engage community volunteers to improve our communities.

Encouraging Responsibility. Through service and civic education, AmeriCorps members become agents of community solutions and develop an ethic of lifelong service.

Expanding Opportunity. AmeriCorps helps those who help America. Members develop professional skills, gain invaluable experience and receive education awards for education or job training.
Programs strengthen communities by:
Mobilizing Community Assets
Generating Volunteers
Involving the Community
Engaging diverse staff and AmeriCorps members Strengthening Communities AmeriCorps is about... Meeting the needs of our communities

Building relationships and partnerships

Strengthening civic engagement

Developing members' skills and experience

Providing carefully planned, well managed and important projects
'Getting Things Done'
AmeriCorps is NOT... 'Busy work'

Temporary solutions

Financing your organization

Employee/volunteer replacement or displacement…
- Programs must provide specific measurable service outcomes that
-Are not already provided with existing funds or volunteers
-Do not duplicate the functions of existing workers, or
displace paid employees
Prohibited Service Activities by AmeriCorps *State Attempting to influence legislation, Organizing or engaging in protests, strikes, petitions or boycotts, assisting, promoting, or deterring union organizing; any political activities
Engaging in religious instruction, proselytization, worship activities

Constructing or maintaining a facility inherently devoted to religious instruction or worship

Providing a direct benefit to a for-profit organization, labor union, political party, or religious organization

Administrative duties (i.e. acting as your agency’s receptionist, clerical work, etc.) Providing services and activities that would otherwise be performed by employed workers or volunteers, or that will supplement the hiring of, or result in the displacement of, employed workers in the community
Examples of Appropriate Service
Activities for AmeriCorps *State Tutoring at-risk youth

Recruiting volunteers

Teaching conflict resolution skills

Environmental conservation activities

Assisting crime victims

Building homes

Restoring parks
Mentoring at-risk youth

Teaching computer skills

Running after-school programs

Other direct service or capacity-building activities…
What about Fundraising? AmeriCorps members can devote 10% of their service time to fundraising activities.

Members may:
Raise funds that benefit your organization’s service activities

Members may not:
Raise funds for living allowances or for your organization’s general operating expenses

Write a grant application to CNCS or any other Federal agency
AmeriCorps Lingo It’s not a job, job training, or typical volunteer position, it’s …Service

We’re not employees, apprentices, or typical volunteers, we’re… AmeriCorps Members

It’s not a wage, salary, or paycheck, it’s a…Living Allowance

It’s not a work site or job site, it’s a…Service Site
Program Details Programs must have: Successful recruitment and placement strategies

A clear structure within which members serve

Integration of service learning principles

Provision of training and learning opportunities for both staff and members

Ongoing support and supervision of members and service sites

Leadership, teamwork, and diversity opportunities
Program Expectations All AmeriCorps programs:
Measure and account for impact
Are Inclusive
Partner with faith-based and/or community-based organizations
Generate volunteers
Program Responsibilities Program Provides:
Member Contract
Grievance Procedure
Evaluation/ Outcome measurement
Identification (Site and Member)
Site agreements
Programs also:
Supervise sites
Report programmatically and financially
Attend director trainings
Participate in statewide events
Members Members Terms of Service Members serve:
Full time (1,700 hours) = $5,550 ed award
Half Time (900 hours) = $2,775 ed award
Reduced Half Time (675 hours) = $2,114 ed award
Quarter Time (450 hours) = $1,468 ed award
Minimum time (300 hours) = $1,175 ed award

Members must complete term of service within grant contract timeframe.

Members can serve up to four terms in AmeriCorps State/National but can only receive the equivalent value of two full time education awards.
Member Eligibility, Recruitment
and Selection Members are recruited, selected and trained by each individual program.

Must be at least 17, possess high school diploma / GED (or agree to work towards it) or equivalent, and be a U.S. Citizen or legal resident alien.

Meet any additional qualifications as determined by the program.
Member Benefits Living Stipend
Full-Time (min.) $12,100
Part-Time living stipends prorated
Health Care (FT Only)
Child Care (FT Only)
Loan Forbearance/Forgiveness
Education Award
The Education Award Can be used to pay education costs at qualified higher education institutions, to assist with continuing education or to repay qualified student loans.

The Education Award is taxed.

There are more uses for the Education Award than you might realize: Many schools will match the Education Award

There are alternative options for the Education Award
(NOLS, Outward Bound, Study Abroad, Scuba Diving)

For more information: http://edaward.org/

If you have any questions contact:

Ashley Kostelnik
(260)423-3546 x227 Thank You
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