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Case Study Presentation

No description

on 3 August 2015

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Transcript of Case Study Presentation

Thank you
Definition of the case:
Occupational Therapy Role:
We help Patients into three main ways:
Goals and Intervention Plan:
Pre-writing home prgram.
Visual perceptual training.
Pre-writing home program.
Visual perceptual training.
Case Study Presentation
Prepared by: Asia ALotaibi
Supervisor: Ms. Joyce

The child is 5.10 years old. He is in academic international KG. His mother noticed that he has learning problems. She reported that his performance in school is below average.
He is a known case of Learning Disability.
Medical History:
He is a product of pre-term at 8 months through SVD, He is not on any medication currently.
Social History:
He is the 2nd born in family of 1 health sibling, He is in an academic international KG.
To determine whether he has age
appropriate skills needed in some areas.
2) Intervention:
Includes developmental and play skills to help him respond to information coming through her senses.
Guidance for family members and caregivers.
Gross&fine motor skills.
Sensorymotor skills.
Psychosocial/play/cognitive skills.
visual perceptual skills.
Pre-writing skills.
Age appropriate gross & fine motor skills.
Follows instructions and commands, recognizes family members, can interact with strangers and initiate play with other children.
Verbal, good eye contact.
Good pen paper control, dynamic tripod pen grasp.
Totally independent in all ADLs.

Poor visual perceptual skills."visual spatial relation / visual discrimination skills".
Fair pre-writing skills.

He will be able to successfully discriminate between similar letters and numbers in order to read and write words with 90% accuracy by the end of 12 weeks.
Improve his proprioceptive awareness so he will be able to apply appropriate pressure on pen when writing after 12 weeks.

Visual perceptual training program:
-Discriminate beteen similar letters/numbers..
Proprioreceptive Awareness:
-stress ball
-pin resistant
-Visual perceptual skills training program.
-Properioreceptive training program.
-Prewriting skills proram.
Now he is able to:
-Discriminate between English and Arabic numbers, letters and numbers that look similar successfuly.
- Apply appropriate pressue on the pen when writing.
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