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Nectar and a Sieve Prezi!!!!! :)


Kiarra Green

on 18 November 2012

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Transcript of Nectar and a Sieve Prezi!!!!! :)

Nectar in a Sieve 1st event: Rukmani has a simple marriage to Nathan, a poor tenant farmer. She is twelve at the time of her wedding. 2nd event: Rukmani is sickened and saddened by leaving her family, but Nathan cheers her on the ride home. Her heart sinks more when she sees the simple life she’ll have in a very modest mud hut beside a paddy field. 3rd event: Still, Rukmani eventually settles in comfortably to her new village life, making friends with the local women and learning their ways. 4th event: Rukmani is particularly proud of her vegetable garden, where she raises a pumpkin that she shows with pride to Nathan. 5th event: Rukmani helps her neighbor Kunthi as the woman gives birth. Ruku stays on for some time because the midwife did not arrive. 6th event: Rukmani does less and less work outside as her own pregnancy proceeds. She now devotes more time to her reading and writing, excited to teach these skills to her children. Rukmani is also pleased with Nathan’s reaction to her literacy: her husband is proud, and not resentful, of his wife’s education. 7th event: Rukmani gives birth to a baby girl. She weeps at the sight of the child for she had wished for a boy, believing that girls are only a burden. 8th event: Rukmani grows happier with her new daughter, Ira. 9th event: It’s been six years since Rukmani gave birth to Ira, and she is increasingly worried that she will have no more children. 10th event: She often goes to temple with her mother to pray, and she carries a good luck charm, but to no avail. 11th event: As Rukmani tends to her dying mother, she meets a British doctor named Kenny. 12th event: Prompted by Kenny, Rukmani finally pours her heart out about her sadness at having only one child, and a daughter at that. 13th event: At first, Rukmani shrinks from Kenny’s offer of help. Since nothing else works, she finally goes to Kenny for fertility treatment. 14th event: Rukmani gives birth to her first child in seven years and is thrilled that it’s a boy. 15th event: At the celebration, Rukmani looks for Kenny and is disappointed he isn’t there. She notes that she still hasn’t told Nathan about Kenny’s help with the fertility treatment and is worried that he’ll be angry with her for keeping it from him in the first place. 16th event: Rukmani gives birth to four more sons, making six children in all (five boys and Ira). 17th event: To make a little extra money, Rukmani begins selling the vegetables she grows. 18th event: At first Rukmani sells her vegetables to Old Granny, a homeless woman who lives in the village. Ruku soon switches to Biswas, the moneylender, because he gives her a better price. Our heroine notes times are getting tighter at home. Her family, however, always manages to make do. 19th event: Rukmani saves a little bit at a time and eventually creates a dowry for Ira. 20th event: •When she learns that a tannery will be built near her farm, Ruku bemoans this
turn of events. She realizes that the tannery may change the environment and economy of the village for the worse. 21st event: Rukmani runs into Kenny while she is out collecting dung for fuel and repairs. 22nd event: She listens as Kenny says the earth would benefit from the dung, but she quietly points out that her family needs the dung’s benefits too. 23rd event: Rukmani welcomes Kenny into her home to have the midday meal with her family. As Kenny warmly congratulates Nathan on all their children, she worries that Kenny will reveal the secret of her fertility treatment, which she still hasn’t mentioned to her husband. She’s relieved when Kenny fails to go into details. 24th event: Rukmani prepares an arranged marriage for Ira. She chooses Old Granny to make the match. Ruku she is pleased that Old Granny doesn’t have hard feelings about the fact that Rukmani stopped selling her vegetables. 25th event: Once Old Granny has found a nice match for Ira, Rukmani wistfully remembers her own marriage. She assures Ira that she’ll be fine once she settles into her new life as a wife. Rukmani also reflects sadly on the fact that Ira’s position as a wife will now trump her position as a daughter. 26th event: Rukmani puts on a modest but joyful wedding for Ira, bringing out the stores of food she’s been saving. 27th event: Rukmani notes that Ira looks too young to be going off with a husband. 28th event: Terrible rains strike just after Ira’s marriage. Ruku does her best to keep her home comfortable in the midst of this unfortunate change in the weather. 29th event: After the rain blows over, Ruku tries to calculate how they’ll fix up their house. She has to refuse help to her neighbor, Kali, as her resources are already so stretched. 30th event: One day following the rains, Rukmani goes to the market to stock up on provisions, but returns empty-handed, because no one had anything to sell. She lays awake listening to the drums of calamity beating over the village. 31st event: Rukmani sets out again with Nathan the next day. After a haggle, the couple buys two pounds of rice with all their money, leaving nothing left for repairs. 32nd event: Rukmani eventually works with her family, harvesting fish from the fields and helping to salvage the paddy. They stay up late cleaning fish and separating rice grains from the husk. Rukmani dreams of feeding her family with new vegetables. 33rd event: Rukmani has a bit of a tiff with her neighbor, Kunthi, who has grown distant. Ruku chides Kunthi for not being a creature of the earth, suggesting she’d be better off if she were more humble and modest. 34th event: Rukmani also notes that yet another neighbor, Janaki, is in trouble. The neighbor’s family has had to leave their home; Ruku can’t help or think about them, so she pushes it from her mind, focusing on her own troubles. 35th event: Rukmani marvels at the Muslims that are working at the tannery and living in their own area of the village. She does business with one Muslim woman, and is troubled by the woman’s isolation. She decides never to return to the woman’s house. 36th event: Rukmani despairs for Ira when her husband returns her to the family home. Her husband claims that because she has not fulfilled her wifely duty of bearing children, and hence is no wife. Rukmani laments because she went through the same thing. 37th event: Rukmani also faces the difficulty of her two eldest sons’ decision to work in the tannery. She’s hurt by the suggestion that Arjun makes that the family isn’t working hard enough to provide for everyone. She’s especially hurt by Arjun’s suggestion that there’s something going on between her and Kenny. 38th event: Still, Ruku uses the money her sons bring in from the tannery. She buys clothes and food, and she fixes the roof damaged by the storm. 39th event: Rukmani celebrates Deepavali with her family, even buying the children extravagances like firecrackers. 40th event: She has a great night on her own, and when she comes home, she and her husband make passionate love. 41st event: Rukmani later visits Kenny to ask for fertility help with Ira. 42nd event: On the way home from her late visit with Kenny, Ruku runs into Kunthi on the road. The two get into a fracas, and Rukmani tears at Kunthi’s sari, only to realize that Kunthi wears the marks of a prostitute. She threatens Kunthi to keep her mouth shut about her visit to Kenny, but the encounter leaves her shaken. 43rd event: Ruku goes to ask Ira’s husband to take her back. Sadly, it’s too late: he’s re-married and can no longer take Ira back. 44th event: Ironically, it is Rukmani who becomes pregnant again. She gives birth to a tiny baby boy that she names Kuti. 45th event: Rukmani remains troubled about Ira’s future. She talks to Old Granny and worries Ira will end a poor woman, old and alone. 46th event: Rukmani realizes her sons are behind a strike in the tannery. She rails against their futile efforts to fight their bosses and can’t understand why they don’t just accept the status quo, grateful for what little they get. 47th event: When it becomes clear that the two oldest sons can no longer go back to the tannery, they decide to leave home for work. Rukmani has to accept that her sons are leaving; as they pack up and make her empty promises, she’s sure she’ll never see them again. 48th event: Rukmani is brought out, and gains a little refreshment, from looking at the paddy fields with Nathan. She is drawn into hopeful planning about the future with him. Still, she notes the village is not as beautiful as it once was. 49th event: Later, Kenny visits and brings good news of Murugan, her son who left to be employed as a servant in the city. 50th event: Rukmani suddenly feels brave, and she inquires whether Kenny doesn’t have his own family and home. 51st event: She is quickly embarrassed by her brashness. 52nd event: As Kenny reveals his own past, Rukmani promises she’ll never reveal it to anyone. She insists she isn’t a gossip. She watches with curiosity as he slinks away. 53rd event: At one point in the novel it becomes clear that Ruku and Nathan will have difficulty paying their rent. Rukmani stands by Nathan as Nathan haggles with Sivaji, the landlord’s messenger. She tries to comfort Nathan in his despair, reminding her husband that the man before them is only doing his job. 54th event: Rukmani gathers all the things she can think of to sell in order to keep the land. 55th event: Once Ruku has decided what must be sold, she visits Biswas, the cruel moneylender, to sell her goods. She haggles and bluffs with him, eventually battling him up to 75 rupees from his initial offer of 30. 56th event: Rukmani returns home and has a rare fight with Nathan: he wants to sell their remaining seed, but she thinks they’d be unwisely selling off their future for the sake of the present. 57th event: The next day when Sivaji comes by to collect there’s another haggle. Rukmani is softened, when the rent collector points out that he’s only doing what he must and wishes that their family might prosper. 58th event: Rukmani worries about how her family will eat. She pulls out her final reserve of rice, and counts it out into small portions that will feed everyone for 24 days. 59th event: •Kunthi shows up and has a squabble with Ruku again, this time demanding food. As Kunthi threatens to reveal Ruku’s visits with Kenny to Nathan, Ruku temporarily loses her senses. She has some misgivings, realizing that not even her genuine fidelity can protect her. She has misled Nathan about some things, namely the treatment she received from Kenny, and wonders if her husband will incorrectly assume that she has lied about other things as well. 60th event: •Ruku doesn’t know what else to do, and in despair
she gives Kunthi seven days worth of rice rations. 61st event: •Ruku later goes back to count what’s left of the rice, and
finds that only about one day’s worth of rice remains 62nd event: •She panics and flips out, and rushes in to accuse her
children of stealing the rice. 63rd event: •When Rukmani hears Nathan’s admission that he took the rice, she’s shocked. 64th event: 65th event: 66th event: 67th event: 68th event: 69th event: 70th event: 71st event: 72nd event: 73rd event: 74th event: 75th event: 76th event: 77th event: 78th event: 79th event: 80th event: 81st event: 82nd event: 83rd event: 84th event: •She’s even more shocked to learn
that Nathan is the father of two of Kunthi’s sons. •She quickly calms down when she and Nathan get the chance to discuss everything openly. Ruku and Nathan finally admit their deceptions to each other •Rukmani is relieved that Kunthi no longer has power over them, but she knows now they’ll face starvation. •Rukmani coolly describes the starvation
that grips her family. •Next, our heroine must bravely face two men as they bring home her son, Raja’s, dead body. •Rukmani is shocked to hear them explain what happened. She chastises Ira for wasting her tears, but then Ira’s sorrow flows into her. •Rukmani observes Raja’s body with a cool despair. She pleads with God, asking if this is why her son was brought into the world. She tends to his body, and notes that his spirit is gone. The work she does now is for this body, not for his soul. •Rukmani stands aside at the preparation for Raja’s funeral, and the men carry his body away for cremation. •Rukmani listens to the drums beat during the cremation – she knows at the last drumbeat that Raja’s body is gone.
•Three days later, Rukmani deals with two men visiting from the tannery who have arrived to explain the unfortunate death.
•She’s perplexed by their bizarre visit: they have come to get her to agree the tannery has no liability in Raja’s death.
•Rukmani thinks this is silly because there is no possible compensation for her son’s death. Nothing can replace her son, not even the tannery’s money
•Rukmani is in bed one night when she hears a woman’s footsteps approach.
•Thinking it is her neighbor, Kunthi, coming to steal the last of what they have, Ruku throws herself at the woman in the night.
•Her husband Nathan pulls her off of the woman. Ruku realizes with shock that the nightwalker was not Kunthi, but her own daughter, Ira.•She tends to Ira’s wounds, and then wash Ira’s sari, only to watch a rupee fall from it into the river.
•Rukmani tries to talk to Ira about what she’s doing and why, but can’t get anywhere. Ruku can only imagine the many debasements Ira endures in the streets as a prostitute.

•Rukmani turns her attention to Kuti, her littlest baby and youngest son, who has been suffering immensely from starvation.
•She is with him, trying to comfort him up until the very last moment when he dies.
•Holding his dead body, she notes that she doesn’t wish him back to life, as there is only suffering for him on earth.
•Ironically, Rukmani soon rejoices with her family as they put work into harvesting the seed that has finally blossomed, and capture ample fish from the fields. They all excitedly make plans for the future. •Ruku visits Kenny. They have a pleasant meeting, although they talk about the dark times that have just passed.
•Rukmani tells Kenny that two of her sons have died, and her daughter is pregnant with a stranger’s baby, after turning to prostitution.
•Rukmani doesn’t warm up to Kenny’s suggestion that everything will be fine once the baby is born.
•Walking home, Rukmani thinks about what Kenny said about the baby and notes that Nathan shares Kenny’s view. She is comforted by the possibility that the two men are right.
•Back at home, Rukmani listens as Selvam announces he will no longer work on the land. Instead, has decided to take a job with Kenny at the new hospital under construction.
• After some prodding, Rukmani admits that she’s a bit disappointed: Selvam’s decision means none of her sons will work the land.
•Still, she is happy for Selvam, and knows that this is the best thing for him.
Ruku visits Kenny and thanks him for the favor to Selvam.
•While talking to Kenny, she sees the plans for the new hospital and inquires about funding.
•Rukmani is bewildered, not understanding why people who don’t know her village would want to help them.
•Rukmani prepares to help Ira give birth.
•As she makes all the logistical arrangements, she wonders over the many births that the house has seen.
•Ruku also ruminates on her concerns about this baby: without a proper father, there’s no guarantee this baby will be a safe and normal one.
•Our narrator notices immediately that Ira’s baby is albino. She’s shocked and dismayed that Ira seems totally obliviousness to the weirdness of the baby.
•Rukmani tries to make the best of a bad situation and points out to Nathan that their daughter is happy.
•Still, Rukmani is disturbed by the baby’s transparency in the sun. She has a hard time adopting to the differences between this baby and other children.
•Rukmani finally accepts that bemoaning their fate and trying to lay blame is futile.
•At one point in the novel, Ruku reflects on the building of the hospital. She informs us that at the time, no one knew it would take seven years to finish the building. •We discover that Old Granny has died of starvation. Ruku is pained because she could have helped the woman. Rather than offer to help, Rukmani actually accepted Old Granny’s last rupee as a gift for Ira’s baby, Sacrabani. Still, she ruminates on the fact that no one paid attention to Old Granny’s suffering in life because no one could afford to add her troubles to theirs.
•The entire village takes care of the funeral arrangements for Old Granny.
•Rukmani is already wary – people have begun to plague her to see if they can get spots at the hospital once it’s built. It’s clear to even her that only a few of the people that need help will be helped by the hospital. There’s just too much need.
•Rukmani tries to follow along with the fundraising and financial planning Kenny and Selvam do. She is still baffled, however, because she believes there is not enough money or compassion in the world to help all who are in need. •Rukmani watches as Sacrabani begins to ask his mother difficult questions; he wants to know what it means to be a bastard, and where his father is.
•Rukmani doesn’t offer any help during Ira’s talk with her child. After Sacrabani leaves the Ruku tells Ira it might have been better to tell the child his father was dead.
84th event: •Rukmani comes home one day to find Nathan in a state of shock.
•Hearing the news that their land is to be sold, Rukmani is shocked too. Surrounded by what she considers madness, Rukmani is unable to talk about the immense thing that has happened.
•Rukmani has a few moments where she reflects on the tannery. She reasons that this business has brought nothing good. Still, she admits it once brought her family prosperity. She also recognizes that the land is also to blame for their ills, unreliable and unpredictable as it has always been.
•Later, Rukmani is mostly quiet, while she watches her son and husband discuss what there is to do. She is hurt by Nathan’s insistence that he’s a broken old man. Nathan is a source of great comfort to her, however, because she realizes they need each other now more than ever. She reckons with the fact that they really have no choice but to go to her son, Murugan, in the city.
85th event: •Rukmani is full of nostalgia as she packs up her last few items and prepares for the journey to the city. She gathers what little money they have, and she and Nathan saddle up together, waving goodbye to their family. 86th event: •Once Nathan and Ruku reach the city, they realize they are not sure of how to find Murugan. They grow increasingly tired and lost, bewildered by the big city.
•They stop to have a snack and a rest, and by the time they have strength enough to travel, it’s too dark to do anything. 87th event: •They go to a temple for food and shelter.
•Rukmani tries to pray, and at first she can only concentrate on her family and all she’s left behind. Finally, she settles into prayer.
•When the time comes for the sharing of the food offering, Rukmani finds a place within the jostling crowd. She handles some ridicule for trying to collect her and Nathan’s portion. In the end, they are forced to share one portion.
•After eating, they note that their bundles have disappeared. They begin to search for their lost possessions, but slowly realize that their search is in vain.
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