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A&P Imagery

No description

Trisha Phermsangngam

on 24 September 2013

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Transcript of A&P Imagery

A&P Imagery
"Queen" of the group speaks
Physical Features

Manager speaks

Serene Hart
Jacob Reyes
Cat Phermsangngam

Details on the Bathing suits
Sound Effects
Cash Register
All the Actions

"Queenie's" Paddling feet
The literary devices in A&P are the results of John Updike's Sensory Details, which demonstrate his pointing out of the details in the story that force the readers to use their senses.

-"Hello (bing) there, you (gung) hap-py pee-pul (splat!)"
Dialogue of Imagination
-"Do you really think it's a mind in there or just a little buzz like a bee in a glass jar?"
-"Girls this isn't the beach"
-"Her voice kind of startled me the way voices do when you see the people first coming out so flat and dumb yet kind tony too."
"Queenie puts down the jar and I take it into my fingers icy cold"
"The jar went heavy in my hand."
"My stomach kind of fell as I felt how hard the world was going to be to me hereafter."
John Updike's portrayal of literary devices such as sight, sound, and touch make the story "A&P" more vivid and lively. Sight provides the audience with mental images as we read throughout the story. Touch provides the sense of feeling the character Sammy feels, which puts the reader in his perspective. Hear plays the dialogue and sound effects used in "A&P."
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