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Future of Technology and Its Impact: WALL-E

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on 14 March 2016

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Transcript of Future of Technology and Its Impact: WALL-E

Future of Technology and Its Impact: WALL-E
By: Michael and Jackie
robots which help with simple tasks
little to no work for humans
easy lifestyle
education system
ideal environmental conditions
possible malfunctions
constant need of maintenance
humans become too reliant
oblivious to the world around them
Why is this technology realistic?
we have the ability to go to space
by use of rockets, spaceships
we have existing robots
NASA is working on spaceship, done
within 20 years
will eventually have to leave earth due to pollution
large amount of people now are dependent on technology
in the movie it was around 2110
realistically : around 2200's
Technologies shown in the film
Technologies included in movie are the anti utopia (giant space ship) as well as robots inside it
automatically connecting to the central system
doing services through commands or pressing a button
robot chairs taking you to your destination
can visually call someone
jobs getting replaced by robots
the technology we will be focusing on is the utopia in wall-e
utopia is an imagined place or state of things in which everything is perfect (the spaceship that everyone was living on called "Axiom")
utopia transformed into an anti utopia is a place where everyone thinks it is perfect, however do not realize the negative effects that has occurred (obese state that the humans are in)
creating robots called TWENDY-ONE
can move and do things just like human beings
can not hurt the people even if the robots have contact and collision with them
the development of robots can be the starting point towards creating the anti utopia
Waseda University
working on a space ship called Space Ship Enterprise
engineers at NASA can create this ship within 20 years
960 meters (3150 feet)
purpose is to travel to space that can fit a large amount of people
fit around 100 crew members + 850 passengers
major starting point in bringing huge amounts of people into space
Companies, universities, or individuals who are developing a technology that can be seen as a starting point towards the technology seen in the film

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Pros and Cons of the Technology,
Impact on Society
too dependent on technology
lazy lifestyle similar to Wall-E
attraction tour
similar to cruise but in SPACE !!!
emergency escape to leave earth
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