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Colonial Whaling

No description

Zhencheng Chen

on 24 September 2013

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Transcript of Colonial Whaling

Colonial Whaling
What is Colonial Whaling?
Colonial Whaling was a hunt for whales only. it was famous around 1600s. Why it is famous? Because whales had great oil, so colonial people hunt for it.
What whale oil used for?
How Colonial people catch whales?
1. The strange is they don’t take other parts but take oil. The left parts are thrown in ocean or sea.
By Zhencheng Chen
Colonial People use the whale oil to make soaps, vegetable oil and make lamp oil.
If Colonial people find a whale, they will send about four small boats to reach the whale. Then they throw 11 feet harpoon. They catch it.
2. The colonial people like hunt for sperm whales than other, because sperm whales had good oils that are very expensive than other regular whale oils. Sperm whales are the number one whales for the best whale oils.
3. Also colonial people will be happy if they catch Baleen Whales, because Baleen whales had lot whale oil than other kind whales. That mean Baleen whales are the number one for many oils.

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Wikipedia.Web.19 Sept, 2013
The Picture of Colonial Whaling
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