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Eleven By: Lauren Myracle

No description

tristen A

on 25 February 2015

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Transcript of Eleven By: Lauren Myracle

By: Tristen Anglin
The book Eleven is a great book to read, it has many problems to resolve and it is a great book for girls. A girl named Winnie has many challenges to face when her best friend finds a new best friend. A long the way Winnie finds a new friend that she doesn't like very much but she is a good friend to have. When Winnie finishes 5th grade going into 6th grade is when all her problems really start becoming apart of her life.
Plot Diagram/Summary
The main characters are Winnie and her best friend Amanda. They have been through every thing together since they were in kindergarten. The main setting is the elementary school, and Winnie's house. All the birthday party's or holiday party's are at Winnie's, and all the conflicts happen at school. The biggest conflict is when Winnie and Amanda were walking to a make up store and Winnie wanted to leave because she thought it was boring, but Amanda wanted to stay there. Right then I knew that Amanda was starting to out grow Winnie. When 6th grade began, there was a new girl named Gail. Gail was in the same class as Amanda, and Winnie was left out in the other class. Gail and Amanda started becoming best friends and Winnie knew she was replaced. Gail controlled everything everyone did and Winnie had enough of her one day and called her out for controlling everything she did.
I rate this book a 4 out of 5 stars. I rate it that because it goes from one problem to another really quick, after the problem is resolved it goes right to the next problem it doesn't talk about what happens after. I recommend this book to girls because all the main characters are girls and all the problems involve girls.
Other Books Lauren wrote
Favorite Character Quote
My favorite character is when Winnie said "The thing about birthdays is that everything should go just right, at least on that one day." I like this quote because I agree with it, on that one day everything should go right because its only your birthday once a year. I also like this quote because Winnie doesn't always ave the best days, so one day a year she wants it to be perfect.
Eleven By: Lauren Myracle
Lexile Level: 730
Published in 2004
Genre: Fiction
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