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AESP Board of Directors Campaign Prezume

Danielle Marquis for AESP Board of Directors

SmartWatt Energy

on 7 January 2015

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Transcript of AESP Board of Directors Campaign Prezume

Benefits to Mentors
Benefits to Proteges
Exposure to new ideas & ways of thinking
Advice on developing strengths
Guidance on professional development & advancement
Mentors are 20% more likely to get raises and 6 times more likely to receive promotions.
Source: Money magazine, quoting a study of Sun Microsystems employees by Capital Analytics, August 2013.
32% of students today take at least 1 online course.
77% of academic leaders rated learning outcomes from online learning the same or superior to those face-to-face.
Source: "Changing Course: Ten Years of Tracking Online Education in the United States," by Babson Survey Research Group, January 2013.
AESP Board of Directors
Hi, I'm Danielle.
I'm the Chair of AESP's Marketing Topic Committee
and the Marketing Director at
Software Development
That's how we know one another.
SmartWatt is fast-growing. My job is intense. 15 offices. 5 utility programs. Trade shows. Speaking engagements. Photo shoots on planes. I work my butt off.
I love it.
Where else could I work with a team like this?
brilliant & talented
team leader
software development genius
I haven't been in the
industry very long.
Just about 3 years, actually.
But, since joining AESP 2 years ago, I've...
served as Chair of the Marketing Topic Committee (2013)
served as Vice Chair of the Marketing Topic Committee (2012)
attended 6 AESP Conferences (presented at 3)
written 5 Strategies articles
served on 3 AESP Program Planning Committees
delivered 2 Brown Bag Webinars
volunteered for National Conference abstract & award review twice
advised Young Professionals Sub-Committee
served on the MARCh Chapter Event Planning Committee
Young Professionals Reception 2013
I just like to get things done.
My background
is different.
I like to think this brings a fresh perspective and new ideas.
After adopting my daughter, I wanted to do something to help the kids we left behind. I founded a non-profit to raise money to build a playground at her orphanage. In the first two years, we raised enough money and sponsorships to provide medicine, toys, bedding, shoes, several playgrounds, a HIV clinic and a community center for orphaned teenaged girls--at orphanages throughout her country. The non-profit continues today, increasing donations every year.

I almost became an investment banker, but went to law school instead. I loved Colorado. Law school? Not so much.
I worked my way through college. During the year, I worked in the athletic department, as a ski instructor and as a substitute teacher. In the summers I returned to the Ottawa River and worked as a whitewater raft guide.
No one would hire me, so I opened my own sports agency. I gave myself 6 months to land a big client or I'd suck it up and become a corporate lawyer. My mentor recommended me to a friend looking for a new agent. I signed that well-known Olympic Gold Medalist 3 days before my deadline. We're still good friends. He spoke at SmartWatt's Team Conference this year.
I grew up in a small town in the Adirondack Mountains of New York. My dad was a high school art teacher and my mom was a bank teller. In the summers, we lived in Canada, on the banks of the Ottawa River.
I earned an academic scholarship for college and double majored in political science and economics. I graduated early, Magna cum Laude, Phi Beta Kappa.
I teach 9 courses per year, in business, finance and law. I've taught online for 5 years.
I'm married to a really great guy, who has supported every crazy dream I've had since we met in college.
My family is the most important thing in my life.
We have two young kids that keep us on our toes and make us laugh...
...and two old dogs that bark a lot.
My Sports Law Professor and mentor was a NFL agent. I worked for him for free when his admin was out of town to gain experience. He invited me to help with the NFL draft. I was hooked. I wanted to be an agent.
At SmartWatt, I develop and oversee the execution of marketing strategies in our
Commercial, Industrial & Institutional Division,
and Utility Programs Division.
Or have a staff
capable of turning this...
into this
in about 2 hours?
(Thanks, Kelsey. I owe you.)
AHOPE for Children orphanage, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Ethiopian Orphan Relief
Marquis Athletes
Adjunct Professor
I've had a job (or 3) since I was 13.
Benefits to AESP
More professional development opportunities = more value to membership
Online training opens training to those unable to travel to conferences
I'm teaching "Prezi 101" as an online AESP training in September. You can learn to make something like this and see for yourself how online training would work. Registration opens soon. Space is limited.
I'm also a strategic, creative thinker with a strong work ethic, passion, and the brains to back up ideas and convert them to accomplishments. I want to be your representative on AESP's Board of Directors.
Do you have a
minute to chat?
Remember how it felt to be mentored?
Or to have a protege that looked up to you?
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