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HRM Cases

No description

Mufarrah Malik

on 23 March 2014

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Transcript of HRM Cases

Full Disclosure on Sex Offenders?
Thank You!
21st-Century Onboarding
Recruiting at Kia
Kia needed workforce to fill its Georgia plant.
Marketed their available positions through various means; including churches, colleges, TV and radio
Adopted an online-only application form for more efficient screening.
Provided computers at colleges and libraries.
Were able to hire more than 500 employees in 6 months.
1. Describe how employing a large number of new workers requires strategic recruiting planning and operational efforts, and discuss what aspects might be different in smaller firms.
Strategic planning is involved from the beginning; deciding how many employees needed, when needed, and what KSAs needed.
Kia adopted intensive recruiting approach, campaigning to hire a workfore within a limited time.
Kia knew the positions required, including: production and maintenance positions, air-conditioning service positions, cafeteria workers, and medical staff positions.
Kia established an online-only application process to make the recruitment system more effective. This process had a month long time frame so everyone has a chance to apply.
Worked with an external agency to provide computers at colleges, libraries and other places for those who don't have internet access.
HR Director visited colleges and churches, TV and radio shows to make recruitment efforts known.
Such strategic planning should exist in smaller organizations too; but the operational efforts cannot always be so vast.
Smaller organizations may not be able to provide computers everywhere; but can still use online platforms for more efficient systems, and online social networks to make their available positions known.
Smaller organizations can use such planned efforts to make their processes more effective and efficient through use of tools like internet, weighted application forms, and realistic job previews.
Kia provided applicants with realistic job previews.
2. Discuss how utilizing the Internet, like Kia did and other employers do, is changing how recruiting efforts are occurring for a variety of jobs in employers of different sizes.
Internet based recruitment offers lots of advantages, due to which its use is increasing day by day.
It allows the employer to hold a database of applicants, with their details like experience, KSAs, qualifications, etc... which can make screening processes more efficient (like with the use of weighted application forms).
Saves time and cost, and allows specific audience to be targeted.
Offers a more global pool of applicants, as anyone anywhere can apply.
Internet recruiting has its disadvantages too, like non-serious applicants applying, or limited internet access especially in countries like Pakistan.
Internet recruiting allows wider reach as promotion could be done through social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc...
Blogs, and video resources like YouTube can also be used to make hiring activities known, and provide more information about employer and the job.
Learning as a Manager
Strategic planning and operational efforts are very important when recruiting.
When recruiting a large number of employees, intensive efforts will be required. The wider the reach, the more applicants.
Internet can be used to make the recruitment efforts more effective and efficient, as Kia did.
Online systems can make the screening process efficient by quickly matching applicants KSAs with the jobs requirements.
Megan's Law states that all US states maintain a sex offender's register.
Megan's Law raises issues in hiring and employee management whether such criminal registries must be considered or not?
Not generally, but some occupations can require that employers check registries for jobs that give the employee access to potential victims.
What should be done is 2 such cases: one; a repair technician that served a sentence for attacking women on jogging paths. The second; a school bus driver who served a sentence for possession of child pornography.
1. Discuss what a manager should do in each of the two Michigan cases.
Repair Technician
Committed the crime of attacking women on jogging paths, served a sentence.
Will be performing his job around other people, and most likely will not have access to potential victims.
Lesser risk; although he can still perform his offenses while traveling.
Stress interviews and psychiatric evaluation could be done for more assurance.
Action: Rehire.
School Bus Driver
Served a sentence for the possession of child pornography.
Will be performing his job around children, in direct access to potential victims.
High risk; as his crime involved children and his job is around children.
Action: Fire; or change the job.
Lied on his application form about the conviction, even though it was asked. Makes him a dishonest employee.
2. What circumstances might lead you to make different decisions in different cases under Megan’s Law?
If the repair technician was in a job that puts him near or around potential victims. The decision could have been to remove him from employment or change his job if possible.
If the school bus driver was not a school bus driver, or in any job that does not put him around children (due to the nature of his crime), the decision could have been to keep him in employment as it would not be such a risk.
Different circumstances and different situations could mean different decisions. An offender of any kind is not fit for a job that gives him access to potential victims.
Learning as a Manager
Presence of a convicted sex offender can pose conflicting obligations and concerns for employers.
Such situations can put managers in difficult positions; whether to fire or retain a good employee if he is listed as a sex offender?
Not generally, but some occupations can require that employers check registries for jobs that give the employee access to potential victims.
Such jobs include positions in health care facilities, schools and day cares, security services, taxi and bus services, and recreational facilities like gyms; where the employee can have access to potential victims.
Every organization has its own different approach on onboarding new employees.
Sun Microsystems begin their orientations with a computer game in an attempt to improve the image of the company. They provide information about the company through video games, and offer social networking platforms to employees.
El Paso Corporation's new hires attend an orientation on the first day, and another a month later. They email their new employees with links to everything.
Zimmerman Advertising's new hires log onto a website where they learn what the company does, their client philosophy and organization's leadership. They also get to meet the CEO for an hour, and get 30, 60, and 90 day training checklists.
The case introduces three companies of very different sizes with three different onboarding approaches. What differences do you see in their approaches? What similarities?
All three approaches do the job of providing new hires with information about the company and opportunities to socialize.
Sun Microsystems perform this task through computer games that new hires play. They also see a welcome video from the CEO and have social networks to connect with other employees.
El Paso Corporation doesn't have computer games but the new hires attend an orientation on the first day, and another a month, which could be good way to socialize with others. They also email the new employees with links to everything from ordering business cards to joining the credit union.
Zimmerman Advertising offers their employees a website with which they can learn about the what the company does, its client philosophy and about its leadership. It also grants its new employees an hour with the CEO, and get 30, 60, and 90 day training checklist.
Every organization is offering their new employees with information, and socializing opportunities. But the way that this is being done is different for each organization.
Are there important ideas missing from all three approaches? If so, what are they?
All organizations have different approaches, which can be made better.
The companies can make use of mentors that are able to guide and counsel the employees to make them productive more quickly.
Orientation checklists can be made to ensure all employees receive all information.
It should be made sure that information is not overloaded; but presented effectively.
New hires should be evaluated and feedback considered to find out if the orientation has been successful; and how it can be made better.
Zimmerman Advertising's 90 day long training checklist can be a long period and cause burden for someone already well versed in his job.
Sun Microsystem's video game approach might not be suitable for high level professional jobs and lacks traditional orientations.
El Paso Corporation's approach to email new hires with links to everything may be considered as information overload, and no feedback is being collected on it.
Which approach sounds best to you? Why?
There is no best approach, but the combination of these approaches can make the best approach.
Sun Microsystem's video game approach; dual orientations of El Paso Corporation; and Zimmerman Advertising's approach of meeting with the CEO can be combined to make a good approach.
Sun Microsystem's video game approach gives a good impression of the organization; shows it to be a fun and enjoyable place to work. Its social networks allows employees to be social and stay in touch with each other.
El Paso Corporation's approach of holding multiple orientation can be a good way to ensure that all employees have been oriented well and are well aware of the information of their organization and jobs.
Zimmerman Advertising's approach of the CEO meeting with the new hires is a good way to improve the image, and show the CEO is involved with his workers, which can boost employee morale. The training checklist used is also a good way to ensure all employees are receiving their training well.
With the combination of these approaches, the best approach can be developed which effectively fulfills the purpose of orientations.
Learning as a Manager
Different approaches can be used in the onboarding process and orientations.
Organizations welcome their new employees in different ways.
Sun Microsystem uses video games; El Paso Corporation holds the orientation twice; Zimmerman Advertising grants its new employees with a meeting with the CEO.
Improving the onboarding processes can make the whole procedure more efficient and employees can become productive quickly.
With better planning and execution of orientation efforts; any problems of the new hires can be evaded. Although it can cost more, it can help attain competitive advantage.
Human Resource Management
Case Studies
Group Members:
Muhammad Ali Ishaq (526) - Mufarrah Malik (665) - Mohammad Salman (653)
Kamran Kabir (598) - Hasnain Zoeb (310)
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