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Battle of Gettysburg (July 1-3,1863)

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Breia Luckey

on 4 November 2014

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Transcript of Battle of Gettysburg (July 1-3,1863)

General Robert E. Lee
General Robert E. Lee was born January 19,1807, in Virginia . Robert E. Lee came to military prominence during the U.S. Civil War, commanding his home state's armed forces and becoming general-in-chief of the Confederate forces towards the end of the conflict. Though the Union won the war, Lee has been revered by many while others debate his tactics. He went on to become president of Washington College.On July 28 , he received orders from the President of the United States to become commander of the Army of the Confederate. From July 1 to July 3, 1863, Lee's forces suffered another round of heavy casualties in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. The three-day stand-off, known as the Battle of Gettysburg, almost destroyed his army, ending Lee's invasion of the North and helping to turn the war around for the Union. He only tribute to the heroic bravery of the whole army, the officers and men on their outstanding work.
The 5 W's
When: July 1-3, 1863

Where: Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

Why:The North had attacked across the river twice

Who: Confederate and Union

What: The Battle of Gettysburg
Personal Reflections
When I picked this topic I really didn't know anything about it. As I did research I learn that this battle was important in the American Civil War. It was a hard topic because basically it was just stating facts about the battle.
I realize that soldiers in the army are facing a lot of challenge because some are fighting their own brothers. I feel today that some people in our society really don't understand why we are fighting in wars. I learned that General Lee never gave up on his army he wanted them to succeed in the battle.
Video in someone else perspective
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The Bloodiest Battle fought in the Civil War
The Battle of Gettysburg Is known as the bloodiest of the Civil War.The Confederate had already lost at Vicksburg marked the turning point of the Civil War.The Battle of Gettysburg was the last important action in the Eastern Theater in 1863.
July 1,1863(the first day of the battle)
July 1, 1863 , advanced units of force came into contact with one another just outside of Gettysburg.
During the night, reinforcements arrived for both sides
Both armies was looking for a fight
Lee order his troops to Attack cemetery hill to ewell
In some of the article it talked about how Gen. Lee had Crossed the Potomac River to get advanced on the Cumberland valley
July 2,1863( the second day of the battle)
General Lee attempts to envelop the federals where they stood.
devised a plan for his Confederate to attack both flanks on the Union line at Cemetery Ridge.
in article battle of Gettysburg it tell me that day 2 was the bloodiest part of the battle
July 3, 1863(The third day of the battle)
both sides regrouped and prepared for what soon to became the bloodiest battle of the war
Union Victory
Gen.Lee confidence shaken
he want his army to succeed
his troops left on the fourth day and brought home many prisoners
1863 Day 1 2:30 a.m
1863 Day 1 2:10 P.m
1863 Day 2 overnight
1863 Day 3 4:30 a.m
1863 Day 3 8:30 a.m
1863 Day 3 2:00-3:00 Pm
1863 Day 3
First shot fired 3 miles nw of Gettysburg
General Robert E. Lee Arrives
union troops renew the fight at
clup's hill
There is frequent firing by pickets
Snipers fire between Confederate
troops and the Union troops on cemetery hill continues
The confederate batteries run low on ammunition
Union Victory
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